Do you ever wonder what childhood would be like without toys? Babies, toddlers, and younger children always had toys for entertainment but due to a lot of changes as time passed, the style and types of toys have also changed. From wooden and stone to battery-operated ones, children today have more items to choose from which is why we should ensure that the toys for our children, especially our toddlers, are safe for them to play with.

Unfortunately, there have been numerous reports on toddlers losing their lives and a lot of these losses are caused by choking hazards. This worries a lot of parents which is why you should ensure that the toys you purchase are safe and age appropriate for your children. So if you are planning to buy a few toys for your little ones, follow our safety tips when selecting the best toys for your toddlers. 

Safety Tips To Be Kept in Mind While Choosing Toys For Your Toddlers

Always remember your child’s age

When shopping for toys, always keep in mind that you will be choosing toys for toddlers so make sure that you choose a toy that does not have any small parts or accessories that can pose as a choking hazard. Aside from this, you must also remember your child’s physical capability before getting the toy. If you are not sure if a certain toy is appropriate for the child’s age, check out the instructions on the packaging since most toys have a clear age recommendation to keep all children safe from hazards.

Avoid Small Items

The toys that you purchase for your toddlers should at least be bigger than their mouths so that the toys will not be swallowed or stuck in their windpipe. You can see if a toy is too small by using a small parts tester or even a choke tube since these tools have almost the same size as a child’s windpipe. An object that fits inside the tube is too small for a young child and may cause choking if swallowed. If you cannot find a choke tube, you can use a toilet paper roll instead. Avoid toys that are sized at 4.4 centimeters in diameter or smaller such as marbles, coins, and balls; these can accidentally get lodged in the throat or above the windpipe that may restrict your child’s breathing.

Avoid Toxic Toys

Some toys may appear safe but the materials used to create the item may contain toxic or harsh chemicals that are harmful to one’s health. To ensure that the toys that you choose are safe for your little one, take some time to do a little research and see if these do not have any toxic or dangerous chemicals; make sure that the toys’ materials do not contain arsenic, cadmium, lead, or mercury.

Always read the label

Before purchasing a toy, you should first read the label since it is one of the most important things to do. Check the age recommendation of the item to know just how safe and appropriate the toy is for your toddler. Some toys may include small detachable parts which are highly dangerous for your little ones.


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