If I give you eat chocolate when children under 3 years of age, children will have to suffer the consequences. Chocolate flavor is very attractive and a favorite dish of many children but not necessarily good for the baby’s health

Chocolate is a high calorie foods, but low in protein, high in fat. Proportion of the nutrients in chocolate does not meet the needs of growth and development of children.

If you eat chocolate before a meal will make no sense so do not want to eat or appetite, but after a quick meal hungry. This makes the biological clock and the child’s eating habits was reversed, adversely affect health.

Recommend for children under 3 years old eat chocolate

Chocolate is high in fat but it does not contain cellulose (which stimulates the activity of the stomach) should be able to lead to a poor digestion. Moreover, chocolate is the food that affect the nervous system, so it will make it difficult for children to sleep or sleep do not sleep.

In addition, feeding chocolate is easy to cause tooth decay and increase the amount of gas in the intestinal tract (leading to the stomach).

Chocolate can make baby tooth decay because the sugar in chocolate can increase the process of tooth decay because it stimulates acid in the mouth. This acid will surround the teeth and cause for young tooth decay. The surprising thing is completely decay phenomenon can occur even when they are only one or two teeth only.

One thing to note is that no child should eat chocolate with milk. Some parents because they want to increase the amount of nutrition you should usually heated air chocolate with chocolate milk or breast milk immediately after drinking. Doing so is not science, by calcium and oxalic acid in milk chocolate together will create insoluble compounds in water makes children prone to edema, lack of calcium, can slow hair growth and will be dry, not shiny if you keep eating chocolate with milk for a long time.

Because chocolate has more calories than other nutritional value, so if parents for children under 3 years eat chocolate with sweet foods, the more likely she will be obese later.

Therefore, health experts do not recommend for children under 3 years old eat chocolate and to eat in moderation if at an older age.


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