Becoming a foster carer can be the last thing you consider when thinking about a career, or what to do with your spare time. However, fostering is something that can provide a large source of income, as well as the opportunity to change a child, or young person’s life. Because of this we have come up with five reasons you should become a foster carer! 

5 Reasons You Should Become a Foster Carer


It is difficult to imagine how foster caring can be a career, but it can be a hugely rewarding career. Fostering can be actually draw a wage and it can be increased depending on your past fostering experiences. It’s not only an opportunity to earn money, but you are also mentored and are provided with full support throughout the whole process, ensuring that you’re doing it correctly. If you are a single parent or a stay at home parent, you may find fostering a child is the perfect fit for your spare time and with agencies there for constant support it could be your opportunity to work with flexibility.

Financial Benefits 

Similar to a career with a business you’ll be able to increase the money that you earn. Not only are you able to get sustainable income, but you are able to gain an extra amount of income based on performance and past experience. There are foster carers who have received thousands of pounds a month by looking after children and young people. Many are also unaware of the foster carer allowance, which also helps with additional things such as Christmas and birthday presents, as well as special occasions.

Future Benefits 

In terms of future benefits there are a whole host of things you can take away from becoming a foster carer. It shows that you are trusting, as the process can take a long time, but it can help you build bonds with children, which in turn will help them build trust in you. There have been many cases where foster children have gone back to their foster carers to congratulate, as well as catch up, as they provided them with the foundations to succeed and move away from a troubled life. As the majority of children arrive at a delicate age you are effectively offering them an opportunity a second chance, as well as the first person they can trust.


Fostering agencies are often a difficult place for children as it is a fresh new environment, which is only for a short amount of time. Foster carers can provide stability to a child’s life allowing them flourish and make a real difference. Some children who fall into foster homes, arrive from abusive families where they have fallen victim to different treatments. With a stable home you can be stability into their lives and move away from the neglect of the past.

Academic Advantages 

It is difficult to image a young person, or child doing well academically, especially when they are scared to go home, or live in difficult conditions. Once you provide them with a fresh opportunity you can help them academically and help you grow in their schools, which is a real benefit for their lives and future. Schools around offer a stability and a foundation, which can often be unmatched and as a foster carer you can see how it benefits them directly.


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