Read books for child when baby is still in womb


Awareness of the fetus to the outside world is always a secret, but surely, baby know reaction to the sounds outside the womb. Mother’s voice was heard most clearly. You can read to baby since baby is not born.

Read books for child when baby is still in womb

– Start reading to your child in the first 5-6 months of pregnancy. Reading earlier this moment there is no harm anything but the researchers found that, at this stage, baby developed enough to respond to sounds outside the womb.

– Choose a quiet area, help you relax and comfortable and then find any book you like. Could be a book of poems, or children’s song with more rhythm. Baby lying in the womb are very sensitive to the rhyming.

– Read the rhythm with an accent, pleasant. What you read (or speak) is not as important how you present. This time, baby enjoy being familiar with your voice. From there, she learned how to distinguish your voice with other sounds in the womb. Mother’s voice makes baby comfortable while baby is in mother womb as well as comfortable when baby birth.

– Encourage your husband or other members of the house reading books for baby. While baby loved mother’s voice, baby can hear and gradually familiar with the different voice. This is how to help your baby closer to relation after birth.

Note: You do not need to read with big voice because baby can hear your normal voice.

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