Principles of the pregnant woman walking



Walking,exercise when pregnancy is a campaign to help both mother and baby healthier. However, not try to walk as much as the benefit. Rules campaign during pregnancy is gentle, comfortable and suitable to each situation mothers.


Principles of the pregnant woman walking


StartBefore you walk, you can try booting some movement below:

– Stand up straight: Stand up straight people to vote no abdominal pressure on the back. If the fat stomach, mother can use band lift stomach to the walk more comfortable.

– Look straight: Hold the straight and look straight ahead (not looking at the floor), hold for a few seconds of your neck without stretching before walking.

Walk four times in four days a week

Journey can be made 4 days in any week, but how best to distance to the body you have recovery time. You can refer to the model 4 times per week below:

– Monday: Walk slowly in 50-10 minutes to warm the body. Then, walk at a comfortable flat surface for 10 minutes. Finally, slow walk for 5 minutes before stopping again.

– Wednesday and Friday: Itinerary as on Monday.

– Saturday (or Sunday): A fun walk, can your friend, husband (or family), but avoid walking for a long time.

Walking phased

Your body changes every stage of pregnancy. Therefore, you need to adjust walking pace to match.

– First Quarter: The amount of blood in the body transported to double the mother, requires much more oxygen to the fetus. You can reduce (or more) 5 minutes to the journey if you feel comfortable. Total time walking a day can be 10-20 minutes.

– Second Quarter: Mother and baby weight increase makes walking difficult. You can maintain the amount of time walking as normal but avoid stress. In other words, avoid walking too fast.

– Third quarter : You can maintain a plan to walk four times in four days a week but should limit the time accordingly. Avoid walking on the beach, rough road for the stomach to vote on, the ability to balance so you easily fell less.

Note: Some cases, walk mode for pregnant woman must follow your doctor’s instructions. Avoid walking as fatigue, abdominal pain, discharge of blood … You also should not be forced ourselves to walk in accordance with schedule. Mechanism for pregnant woman walking a comfortable, pleasant and cheerful, not schedule practice of athletes.

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