Prevent deficiency iron for children after 1 age


From an older, the risk deficiency of iron in children is enormous. Because, all kinds of baby formula for this phase is no longer rich in iron as before, breast milk (rich nutrient source of iron) was also reduced, with baby lazy to eat food is not meet the necessary amount of iron.

Prevent deficiency iron for children after 1 age
Drink plenty of milk every day increases the risk factor is iron deficiency in children because:

– The amount of iron in cow’s milk is very low.

– Ministry of drinking cow’s milk is full belly and so do not eat enough foods containing iron needed in the day.

Signs of iron deficiency

– Pale skin. Hair loss, headaches.

– Brittle nails, brittle.

– Fatigue, weakness, irritability. Eat less.

– She was giddy, dizzy. Heart rate (tested by measuring heart rate machines).

Demand for iron under the age of the child

Baby breastfeeding (around 4-6 months old) usually get enough iron through breast milk needed. Bottle group also provided enough iron (from the milk boxes formula rich in iron for this period).

– 6-12 month old baby need 11mg of iron per day. This amount is in the process of food miles, and milk bottle.

– Be aged 1-12 need 7-10mg of iron per day.

– Larger, boys need about 11mg; baby girl is about 15mg of iron a day. This was due to enter puberty, girls need iron in girls increased to compensate for the loss of iron by the menstrual cycle.

Nursery room iron deficiency

– Provide meals rich iron for babies 18-24 months old. Besides iron, foods rich in vitamin C such as tomatoes, green vegetables, citrus fruits, strawberries … also helpful for children because they help to synthesize better iron.

– Avoid eating baby food containing caffeine or green tea because green tea contains tannin – to reduce iron absorption by the body.

– Do not fat baby diet. Because meat is a rich source of iron than other vegetables. If child does not eat enough meat, they will risk iron deficiency.

– You should give your baby iron daily rather than wait until the baby has signs of iron deficiency. Can choose the type of iron-rich snacks for children (diet composition should see on the package).

– Sources of iron-rich foods for your baby like eggs, beef, pork, poultry, salmon, mackerel, tofu, nuts, green vegetables, milk rich in iron, iron-rich grains, nutritional biscuits, bread rich in iron nutrition …

Note: If your baby has any signs of distress, you should take her examinations. Your doctor may do simple blood tests to check iron deficiency related anemia in the baby or not. Then, your doctor will decide the iron supplements for children (you should not take iron for baby freely without a doctor’s application for excess iron is also a danger no less) …
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