Do you know what the possible signs of pregnancy are? This article will show you the possible signs of pregnancy and the different pregnancy symptoms for different women of today.

When you first know that you are pregnant you really get excited and all. That is why it is very important to know the earliest signs of being pregnant before assuming that you are carrying a baby in your womb. Some pregnancy signs are too obvious while some are not. That is why watching for the earliest possible signs of pregnancy are important. Usually you will know that you are pregnant after or on the second week of your pregnancy. Another is that your menstrual cycle is delayed, then that is the time that you start suspecting yourself that you are pregnant.

Possible Signs Of Pregnancy

Women have different body therefore the possible signs of pregnancy may vary from woman to woman. The pregnancy may vary as well; there are women who experience a lot of symptoms while there are some who doesn’t experience anything at all. You can also use a pregnancy test kit for you to ensure that you are pregnant if you are not experiencing any signs.

Women’s pregnancy amy be different from each other, during your first pregnancy you may experience all the symptoms, then when second pregnancy comes you might feel nothing at all. It will all depend on how your body will react. The possible signs that are very obvious are rapidly gaining of weight. You may also notice that your lower abdomen is a bit tender than usual during the first two weeks of pregnancy.

For people who are expecting to have a baby anytime soon, watching these possible signs of pregnancy is very important. In this way you get to have checkups with your doctor and you get to avoid activities that might affect your baby. Here is the list of the possible signs of pregnancy that you should watch out:

  • Breast Changes

You will notice that your breast is tender than before. Blue veins start to appear across your breasts and your areolas start to darken without any reasons.

  • Cramps

When your menstrual period is due, your uterus tends to expand which causes you to experience cramps on your abdomen.

  • Fatigue

This is usually common for first time mothers. This is where your hormones are running rampant while you are pregnant, and over fatigue may be experience.

  • Food aversions or cravings

You will suddenly notice that you are craving for foods that you don’t usually eat. You will be craving for food at anytime of the day without any warning.

  • Urinating frequently

This is often experience during your first and last trimester. It is mainly because of the swelling of your uterus over your bladder. During the second trimester your baby will grow which will leave your bladder to give you some comfort.

  • High body basal temperature

Due to the progesterone that is running through your body, you will notice that your body temperature is in the high range. You may also notice the third level of temperature that is high which is called the triphasic. You may experience this during your first trimester as the implantation is taking place.

  • Spotting implantation

You may experience this during your post ovulation which happens during the three to twelve days of your ovulation. Usually when an egg which is fertilized borrows into the lining of the uterine, this spotting occurs.

  • Morning sickness

This symptom is one of the most common pregnancy symptom. It is where your pregnancy hormones affect your body which causes morning sickness. You may feel like vomiting during this period.

These are the usual possible signs of pregnancy that you might experience. Once you confirm that you are pregnant immediately go to your doctor for advice.


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