6 Ways to develop Emotional Quotient (EQ) for children


Like teach baby to talk and count, the development of Emotional Quotient (EQ) is extremely important for the baby. When your baby has a high emotional index, they will have good relationships with family, friends and cope with the psychological trauma when baby grows up.
6 Ways to develop index of emotional (EQ) for baby
A scientific research shows that most individuals who become leaders in a group who often have high EQ. Both IQ and high EQ would be better if only the high IQ because EQ will improve IQ.
If baby is feeling low index, becoming adults will have negative thoughts, always felt I was inferior, satisfied with what you have, do not try and not be able to become a leader because no one follow, supporting.
But before there are ways to baby development index of Emotional Quotient(or Emotional intelligence) you need to determine what index of Emotional Quotient?
Today, with the extensive development of information channels, the development of education brings a truth that, baby tends to have IQs higher emotional indicators. But the baby has a high IQ often become depressed, have high suicide rates. Just a small failure in school or do not meet these expectations that will have negative thoughts. Why so? General answer to this is because babies have too low EQ.
EQ is defined as processing of personal emotions and use emotional information to show the appropriate action when these situations occur. When someone reacts without processing the emotions that this act will not match the emotions. These dangerous criminals often act in this category. Children are crime often live in a family no model of ethics, a childhood immersed in violence, inability to control their own emotions, are depressed and lack of enthusiasm for anything.
Therefore, we can say that the parents, family and surrounding environment to impact many indicators of child emotion. Index emotions will be high if not cheered, encouraged by family, neighbors.
Besides expression of enthusiasm and participation activities, EQ also manifested in the children solve easy the problems laid out in an life, self-awareness of themselves, always hopes, always consistent responsible, optimistic, have empathy with the unfortunate and have good stamina. Unlike IQ, you can not add value to it with the numbers, it can not be measured.
6 Ways to develop index of emotional (EQ) for baby
Expansion, EQ also means love. EQ, above all, love and understanding yourself and others.
EQ helps parents who are raising children have better social skills. Parents and people around a model of teaching children how to behave and handle situations in life. You should control your behavior in front of children, especially ages 1-7. Always encourage children to express their feelings. Here are 6 ways to guide you:
1. Help children understand their feelings expressed by words. Example: “Mom, I feel sad because I do not get high marks …”. Structure, “Mom, I feel … because …” always effective for you and your child understand each other better.
2. If there is inappropriate behavior, let me understand why the behavior occurs again. Understand where it could happen, the process towards similar situations more appropriately.
If the situation does not allow you to process immediately, please wait while we were home.
Example: When you take the child to play at home a friend. You remind them, “You greet uncle ” but children are determined not to obey, not to greet. In this situation, you feel ashamed and angry more often with children. However, please ignore it and put the child in the home continue to play a friend. When children come home, talk to your kids about this. First, find out why so. Children may not like the house, they want to go out, can your children do not like it, because uncle had really bushy beard… Thousands of reasons why children behave like that.
3. Talking with children regularly: This makes the mother and child understand each other better. Do not of few word especially the children praise and encourage children. As children get you something, please say thank you baby makes them feel respected.
4. Mentoring children’s feelings: That can be done completely. For example, when a man is suffering because of their circumstances or have a sad such funeral, told children how to express your sympathy, do not make fun of impartiality. Today, on the road we encountered countless silly laughter of the boys when they met the victims’ or the joke, easy to curl the old beggar man, shouting excesses at the baby sales peddled wares… Children with lose behavioral that a part of lack of coach, admonish of the parents.
5. To control anger, tell children to count from 1-10 and deep breathing, which helps children overcome emotional anger, do not lead to superficial behavior, lack of restraint. To do this is extremely difficult, even many adults do not have this skill. Teach your child practice gradually.
6. Not lie in what they see and feel: For example, when baby asked why the dad and mother quarrel, do not lie or to draw red herring across the path, but let’s face the truth, told me that parents are trying to solve problems and this is only one solution decision.
The change and growth in the child’s feelings will come slowly. If you live in a world of good, your child will develop better. EQ development for children’s how you help build a better society for the better each individual will make a good collective .