A parent always looks forward to give his/ her child a happy life. A life which has no failures, no tears and no harsh realities. But little do they know that if they don’t enlighten them with all of the above someone else will.  So how do we raise them?? Let’s start with how to deal with a toddler to teens, young adults 

Parenting Basics: Do’s And Don’ts of parenting



1: Spend time with your babies.

2: Give them books, colors, show them pictures of places, planets and more scientific and educational stuff.

3: Teach them to recognize colors.

4: It depends completely on a parent on what they want to imply on their babies. The more the better.


1: Handing over a child a smartphone or a tablet is a big no-no, unless you want to keep them diverted because you have no time.

2: Leaving babies with Nanny’s isn’t a great idea. We sure are aware of those inhuman nanny’s beating up the little delicate child to take out their frustration.

Kids under 12


1: This is when they are flexible and would be able to grasp the most. Make them learn new things every day.

2: Activities like karate build confidence and courage.

3. Don’t be afraid to be a strict parent. This might upset your child and they might hate you too. But that’s fine, your child’s wellbeing is more important than your child’s opinion of you!


1: Money: Do not encourage child to get used to money at this age. They could only use it to get junk food. Instead make them used to have and enjoy home-made food.


Teenage is a whole new world. That is when they start to rebel or get involved in their lives like never before.


1: Talk to them like you are a friend.

2: Make your presence, and make them feel how important they are to you, and you will always be there for them no matter what.


1: Don’t give a blind eye when all your child does is being on the phone or internet.

2: Do not leave them a computer/ laptop. If you do, make sure you place the pc somewhere you can keep an eye on what they are doing/watching.

3: In a world of selfies and Facebook, it is hard to keep children away from social networks, but we can still keep an eye on what and to whom they are chatting and posting online.

4: There are many parenting apps helping out parents to keep an eye on their adolescents.

Young adults:

This age is when they have already started tasting life. The sweet and the sour. But it is still important to make them feel that you are there for them.


1: Decision making: If the lady/ young man have quite a few things in mind and know what they are best at, help them reach their goals.

2: Keep an eye on the generation:

When a child feels that his/her parent knows more, it is only then they give importance to the parent. Be it be with the technology, social media, apps, news and everything. Be aware of things going in the child’s life in that particular period of time.

3: Advise them: You can advise the young adults but cannot make them do what you want.

If you communicate well and convince them to follow the right path, you have succeeded.

4: Telling them what is wrong just won’t help! You have to explain enough of the consequences that might come their way if taken a particular path and how it would end up.

5: Make them believe in themselves. This is the age when you tell them to be strong/brave and take on the voyage of life. Nothing should stop them, after-all, life is all about moving ahead! Your words will either make them or break them. Choose them wisely.

Do not expect / make the child be / live a life you wanted him/her to. They are your kids but not you. You can always beware them but life has its own ways of hitting human’s right in the face, one way or the other. Let them live and let them learn their own way!



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