Nutrition for fetal brain


The research suggests that some nutrients found in egg yolks, liver, nuts and soy provide lasting benefits for fetal brain.

Nutrition for fetal brain

Specific substances such as choline is important for all pregnant women, sufficient amounts of choline during pregnancy and lactation is necessary for brain development and function in baby memory.

Choline is needed for complete nerve, heart, brain function and repair cells in the fetus. Although mother’s body just a small amount of choline, but still needs to be taken from the daily diet.

Less choline will cause fatigue, insomnia, memory problems, nerve – muscle imbalance and severe cases cause damage to the mother’s liver .

Adequate levels of choline for pregnant women at 450-550 mg / day. But according to the Linus Pauling Institute  is not enough research to see how many grams of choline per day for maternal and child health optimal.

Foods rich in choline

For more choline in your diet, do not forget to eat eggs (exactly egg yolk ), beef liver, wheat germ, cod, vegetables, sprouts, broccoli, tofu, shrimp, salmon .. . Approximately 30g beef liver have 418mg choline, while two eggs provide about 280mg choline.

Finally must be stressed that eating a balanced, full of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, cereals … will help the mother are healthy and provide a solid foundation for developing offspring.

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