5 Fashion & Style Tips for Pregnant Women

So you were once a die hard fashionista who knew about the latest clothes and diamonds sale in New York and now feel frumpy, uneasy and pregnant?! Being pregnant is definitely a time for joy and happiness, but also a period when changing bodies and swinging hormones make feeling stylish a very, very distant dream.

5 Fashion & Style Tips for Pregnant Women

Maternity fashion is no longer limited to floral mumus and unfashionable voluminous clothing that did nothing to make the lady in question feel like a beautiful mother to be! It can be fun, trendy and absolutely gorgeous. Besides you already have the most adorable accessory of them all – a gorgeous baby bump!

Here are some fun fashion and style tips to help you sail through pregnancy as stylishly as you can muster 

Don’t go in for baggy – Yes your body is changing, certain parts are becoming bigger and some are downright blooming. But simply opting for shapeless and extremely baggy clothing can only make you feel worse. So put down that old ratty t-shirt of your man’s and look for some cute maternity wear that fits and flatters. Comfortable need not mean completely over sized and you can find super cute clothing nowadays that accentuates your new shape rather than conceals it. In fact if there was ever a time to show off that belly, this is it! Tops and dresses with empire waists, ruched details, gathered gems, shirring, back ties and drawstrings will look super cute and a figure skimming and sometimes even a figure hugging piece of clothing will make you feel like one hot mama.

Put away those heels – Some pregnant women even in their later stages of pregnancy are extremely comfortable in heels but not most. They can really throw off your already impaired sense of balance as well as cause horrible foot, knee and ankle pain. Put those spindly heels away and look for comfortable and stylish flats that are far easier on your feet. If you really need some kind of added height wedges are a much better option and far more comfortable than stilettos or thinner heels. Now is the time to invest in those gorgeous ballet flats you have been eyeing!

Find a great pair of jeans – Maternity jeans have definitely transformed over the years. Don’t just buy a bigger size in your regular pair but go in for a maternity pair that is more comfortable and grows with you, in a super flattering cut. Jeans in a soft stretchy material with an adjustable waist band are the ideal go to wardrobe piece and when you find a pair that flatters, pick up a few that will last you a trimester or two.

Buy better underwear – Body changes, aches and pains abound during a pregnancy and the last thing you need is underwear that pulls or bites into you. Look for maternity inners that are comfortable, attractive and give you the support you need and be ideal for the size you are currently. Your changing body will thank you and your clothes will fit much more comfortably as well. Breathable and soft fabrics that feel good against your skin are the way to go.

Pamper yourself – If there was ever a time for some pampering, this is it. Spa sessions, a pregnancy massage,  manicures, facials , getting your hair and nails done or whatever your pampering mode of choice will help you look and feel fab and more like your pre-pregnancy stylish selves. A good dose of pampering and grooming will go a long way in keeping the confidence levels up and the mood happy!