Mother milk and other things to note


Milk appeared 3-5 days after birth, but the experts recommend, make for the child feeding new less  milk after the baby was born.

Mother's milk is valuable nutrition

Today, more and more women after birth is not able to breastfeed because there is no or little milk, milk quality is not guaranteed or your mother’s health does not allow breastfeeding. Will this have a standard?

Of course this is not normal jot. The medical expert confirmed that the child is feeding by breast milk are often healthier and better development of children with milk to feed out, simply because in breast milk has all the qualities necessary resistance for the healthy development and good for babies.

Often the milk appear from 3-5 days after birth, but health experts also recommend that, go right for the child feeding the  less soft milk after birth. This is good for health and habits of the baby later. If not then it could be later baby will not breastfeeding. This case is quite popular with many mothers after birth.

The medical experts recommend that, in the first 3 days after birth, you should not drink too much water because it can blocked milk routes. When the milk, you will feeling a sharp pain in the chest and then need to take more than warm water.

Some common problem in women after birth in relation to the milk line and overcome

1. No milk or milk lacks

To your milk loss and contains several supplements for children, then eat more fruits, vegetables and food rich protein. Try to avoid stress, take a rest and walk regularly in the period of breastfeeding. During this time the best is to drink herbal tea, milk tea, water from the nettle, the drinks are not alcoholic.

2. Baby not breastfeeding

Many mothers have been wrong in the period when breastfeeding usually use general milk to drink because of not enough milk or  babies not enough. However, the main work for the baby with the drinking of  general milk, milk box that does not look at mother’s milk rich milk nutrition. After birth if you have problems related to quality or quantity of milk, please try to adjust the milk through more health lifestyle, eat regularly enough nutrition, combined with rest and exercise are steadily.

3. Children are not feeding properly

If your baby can not keep the nipple while feeding or breast-feeding when you feel pain (some women have show anger when their child seems to bite nipple, not feeding), do not lay blame at baby that for the main error in you, because you are not breastfeeding properly. You must apply first to the children of your children how your baby hold been deep in breast halo and begin stimulating milk line. Think about the simple as that do not simply jot. If breastfeeding is not properly would be very dangerous, not only to always be in situation hungry you could be solid chilblain nipple.

4. Children by not feeding schedule of no available time

If other children in the breastfeeding feeding schedule according to you this day the doctors recommend breast-feeding at any time children want. Hoocmon responsible for the produced milk only between 3-8 am, so the best time you should breast-feeding from 3-4 times. The breast-feeding also contribute to stimulating hoocmon produced milk.

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