Staying motivated to work out can be very difficult especially if you are alone. Fortunately, you do not have to do it solo because you can actually have your family involved in your fitness campaign. If done by the whole family, not only it can benefit your health but it can also be a great bonding experience to create a better family relationship while spending time together. Doing this can help you emphasize how important health is for your kids and make them combat obesity and other sickness linked to it as early as possible.

See? Exercising alone can really be very boring but if done together with the whole family, it can be an enjoyable one and it will be easier for you to stay inspired. Of course, the intensity and type of the work out that can be done depends on the age and capacity of your children but there are surely a lot of exercises that can be done even by small kids. It may be a challenge for you to encourage your family to exercise and to stay fit but we have enumerated some tips on how to urge them to work out with you while having fun.

1. Walking Together is the great way to start

You can start your workout regimen by walking. Even small kids can do this activity and it is actually good for the heart. Additionally, it is free and you do not need any special skills or special equipment to perform this exercise. You can start on a natural walking phase and a far enough distance to increase your heart rate or until it makes you breathe faster. Gradually walk a little farther or a little faster if you feel like your kids can handle it already.

Walking has a lot of benefits. It includes strengthening your heart, lowers disease risks, and helps lose weight, boosts vitamin D and much more.

2. Swimming and Other Sports Are Great for beginners

If you are having a hard time motivating your children to exercise, you can try to introduce swimming to them and make it regular. Swimming can be very enjoyable for them as they might not see it as an exercise but rather a hobby. There are also different levels of intensity. Kids could just swim around in a paddling pool while older members of the family can race on a bigger pool. A physically challenged person can also gain a lot from swimming as water can support the weight and it reduces the pressure on joints.

3. Playing game is the best idea especially for kids

Playing game is the best idea especially for kidsSoftball, soccer, badminton, or basketball can be a great way to jump start your family’s exercise routine. If you do not have a large family, you can ask your neighbors to compete with you. Additionally, if you choose to have a relay to play, you can make your course harder than kids to make it fair. To make the match more interesting, you can reward the winning team something so they will really try hard to win for them to enjoy it more.

If any of the members are knowledgeable about a specific sport, they may teach it to other members of the family. For instance, kids can teach their parents to skateboard or play a certain sport and parents can practice train their kids how to play basketball or how to properly catch a baseball. Also, grandparents can show younger children how to achieve a perfect strike down the bowling alley.

4. Circuit training won’t be bored

With circuit training, you have distinctive stances that you do for a set period of time and for a couple of reps. It can include star jumps, running in place, skipping ropes, crunches, and any exercise that may require fitness equipment that you may already own. For younger kids, they can do jogging in place instead of running and half jacks. You can also, customize several exercises to fit your family’s needs and capacity. You can also assign one person to have a stopwatch while your whole family is moving around the circuit, preferably someone who is not capable of having an extensive exercise like the older members of the family to still be able to bond with them.

5. Get spa massage and chilling with children

After a gruesome and tiring exercise, your body probably needs to be recharged. A family trip to the spa may be the next thing you should do. There are a lot of benefits a massage can give. It can help you relieve the stress in your muscles. Physically, massage can help you get more endurance from your work outs since it can reduce the tension and stress of your muscles. It can also enhance athletic performance and it treats injuries that are linked to sports or work. Moreover, it can also flush out toxins from your body and can help you maintain your weight. Psychologically, it can help reduce anxiety, depression, and can help improve sleeping habits. It can also promote relaxation and increase the energy that can be used to do your work outs.

You can look for a spa that gives a group discount. Doing this can help you save money and the experience can really be very enjoyable for the whole family.

6. Mark the calendar for scheduling a family trip

Mark the calendar for scheduling a family tripA vacation once in a while can be very helpful for your family’s goals to become fit and healthy. You can plan your family trip to become active so you can go out-of-town while staying in shape. There are a lot of activities you can do while you are on a vacation like hiking, skiing during winter, water sports, and much more.

Another benefit is that you and your family can enjoy new things that you probably have not experienced yet before. It can help you build an active and a better-rounded lifestyle on a long term basis if you try to connect all your activities to staying fit


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