Lingerie Styles and Tips for Ladies with Baby Bumps

It’s hardly surprising that dressing to impress has traditionally taken a backseat for many pregnant women, though as many have recently discovered firsthand, there’s no need to let pregnancy interfere with one’s looks, in fact, as many are now discovering, pregnancy can actually be a sensual dressing experience. 

Lingerie Styles and Tips for Ladies with Baby Bumps

Baby bump photography – To reveal or not to reveal?

It’s also hardly surprising that the issue of baby bumps and revealing clothing would divide opinions and that ‘baby bump photography’ would be seen as daringly celebrant by some and unnecessarily trashy by others. Regardless of your stance on the subject, the pregnant female form shouldn’t be seen as something to be ashamed about – the pregnant female form is after all where life begins – and it’s a personal decision that should only be made by women themselves as to whether or not to reveal their pregnant figure in revealing clothing.

Baby bumps and lingerie – Dare to reveal more of yourself

Women have long found that the pregnancy period, and the following few months, greatly restrict what they can and can’t wear, and no items of clothing have been hit harder than underwear and lingerie, in fact as many have found out for themselves through experience, they’re not just restricted in what they can wear – they’re often restricted to unsightly ‘granny panties’.

That’s increasingly a thing of the past because a number of lingerie designers and labels have realised there’s a burgeoning market for baby bump lingerie and have acted accordingly. Pregnant women now have an excellent range of lingerie and underwear to select from, and whilst the less daring have discovered a wide range of seamless briefs and bras, those who aren’t about to let their pregnant form detract from their inherent womanliness and aesthetic appeal are discovering far more daring items of lingerie, including lace bikinis and panties, low rise and maternity thongs, along with boy leg panties.

Materials – Comfort is the order of the day

The materials that are currently being used in the production of baby bump lingerie and underwear highlight the importance of comfort for the pregnant female form, and not only the fear that pregnant women often have regarding visible panty lines on their larger-than-in-the-past bottoms.

Cottons, including cotton stretch fabrics, are a popular choice amongst maternal women, as is spandex, a material that due to its stretch qualities has long been a favourite amongst women who’ve grown a little and can expect to continue to grow over a set period of time before gradually reverting back to their former – and often significantly smaller – form. Some interesting materials have been utilised by lingerie designers and retailed by trendy names like GreySiren in recent times, including natural milk proteins, easily one of the most daringly unusual fabrics ever used in the creation and production of lingerie and underwear.

 Why stretchy materials are the most astute choice

Stretchy materials are an astute choice for a number of reasons including comfort and longevity, though in recent times certain stretchy materials like stretch cotton fabrics and spandex have also proven to be the most astute choice pregnant women can make when selecting lingerie and underwear for two very different reasons – skin elasticity and support.

Pregnancy has the effect of making parts of the body sag to a certain extent – some women are affected more seriously than others – and as a result women are demanding materials that help to avoid this. Stretchable fabrics, like natural stretch cotton fabrics and spandex, not only aid women in maintaining skin elasticity during pregnancy, but also provide them with the support required for their ever growing abdomens.