Lesson about love and pampering

One day, the couple have visited Makarenco (an famous Russian educational psychologist ) and complained about their children. The husband is an engineer, his wife is a teacher, both those who are educated and status in society.

Lesson about love and pamper

Parents love children that is an art

They said: “My child is well behaved before, so right now he is a unruly boy. He’s rude to speak with mother, playing away from home frequently, or objects in the house is stolen. We  also attention educate its, for it is a separate room and shop for it from clothing, toys, books … all without missing anything. Now he has a large, 15 years old. We also have the freedom to go  singing, watching movies, bike … want to buy what is this. Why child like this? “

Educators ask again:

– Get up one morning who tidy up his bed?

– Always me – a mother reply

– Always? Never you put child do it ?

He turned to ask his father:

– He is sure will keep the task clean the shoes for it?

– Yes, is me.

Educators do not ask anything more and the story ended.
– Maybe he should ask her not to add anything else. You remember all that we do for children see and ask myself that last one is who should bear responsibility for what has happened to your children. From there he will find her answers and how to repair.
Educator lament : Father clean shoe, she moved the bed, try to imagine the children they create the kind of person.
The story of it reminds educators and parents is important in parenting. Do not confuse love and pampering.
Remember, pampering is the quickest way to give children the wrong, sinful. You do not think you can sacrifice everything to bring you the best life means to you ready to meet all the aspirations of their children.
Love for children that is creating a home for children, attention, care and raising of children grow up both physically and soul.
Love means you must know the make stops for you, when you need to know before the determination of the child requires.I   have a love child ready to be large enough to cope before the difficulties of life for children rather than material things luxury, not frivolous with them. Do parents love their children and is both an art to cultivate each day.
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