Learn character of children through color

Interestingly, the secret about the child’s personality is revealed through there favorite color! Let’s look to see what your child likes to color and to explore the character of your children.

Learn character of children through color

1. Pink

This is the color of happiness and peace. Thus, children often prefer pink mood is fun, joyful. Moreover, children are also very nice, emotional and always bring joy to others.

2. Red

Red is the color of the dynamic and abundant life energy. Favorite color, children often form the impression, that create a special attraction. In addition, red also symbolizes the strong, steadfast. If child likes red, the baby will be quite hot, but very aggressive willpower and determination.

3. Yellow 

Yellow is the color of the innate leaders. They may be quite stubborn, willful but also very fortunate to be careful and always know how to protect yourself. Yellow also suggests that children have a good imagination and good inquiry learning.

4. Blue

These are colors of emotion. So, who often live like this tone introverted and less confided his feelings. The children will be much loved for his amiable personality, sometimes, very susceptible to damage by vibrations  around them.

5. Green

Learn character of children through color

The sincerity, love to help, listen and share the outstanding characteristics of the child likes green. Also, children love this color also loved nature, trees, flowers.

6. White
The color of the pure, fresh and comfortable feeling. But younger white does not mean shy. If you look, you’ll find hidden after the timid, shy of the child is a special character. Children are willing to wait patiently for attention.

7. Black

Being recognized as one of the most impressive color. However, this is the color of details. Inner of  children like black often prefer very rich, they always think carefully hidden and do not want anyone to “read” it.

8. Purple

Younger like  purple that is always working hard to overcome the limitations of yourself, emotionally. The children love the purple faithful to thinking and way of life. More specifically, children prefer purple brains are also artists, emotional or exorable.

9. Oranges

Orange is the color of nature, so this color often live extroverted, popular immersed in the world around them to feel and explore. Instead of sitting alone in the house, enjoying the silence, children love to go to experience the natural world.

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