Learn about hold skill of children under 1 year old

From the new was born, the baby has formed reflexes tum get things, especially when children take the mother’s fingers. Just put your fingers into the hands of the baby, the baby will know to convex fingers to keep the fingers of the mother. Growing, as baby can coordination between grasp and hold objects in their hands.

Skills to grasp objects in the development stage

First month, the baby know to gather fingers when an objects is placed in the hands of children. About 2 months old, children begin to discover their own hands. The baby know to spread and gather hand and observe the move on his hands. This age, children are very interested when a summary objects, such as clothing or sheets of thin baby blanket.

About 3 months old, and touch actions taken tum objects is one of the hobbies of the children. Ministry is not capable to grasp and hold objects in the baby is ready to hand beating dishes toys or other objects in your baby’s fingertips. Subjects toys for baby’s birth with color will help children with skills to move their hands and eyes.

About 4 months old, children start learning how to exclude objects. The child is curious want to try their strength by one items, and then it fell again to want to exclude. Parents should give children the soft objects, just hand the baby to sensitize, as a swinger. About 4 to 8 months old, children develop the skills exclude objects smaller thanks to the ability to control the hand continued to be improved.

When children know most things, children often tend to exclude both objects to the mouth. You should isolation from small objects to prevent the baby being choke The items that you insert through the core of the toilet paper roll is considered to be small for the baby. For children should play with the big things to improve children skills to grasp objects but you can not worry the baby will be learning.

About 7-8 months old, the baby can eat. You can permit baby eat with one’s fingers.This is an interesting way is to develop children skills grasp objects. At first, like baby hand to push food, but when used, can use the baby finger food b?c a fluently.

9 months old, the ability to grasp objects in children has quite over. Baby can use forefinger and thumb, one small objects were falling. Parents as an opportunity to own baby food, baby will learn to control the hand a pair of proficient

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