Learn about autism in children

Child with autism have problems communicating. Kid meet difficulty in communicating both verbally and non verbally. Slow to speak or not speak a common sign in children with autism. Even if kid could talk, kid is not easy in the wording. Other symptoms are sporadic verbal, repetitive, facial expressions and gestures do not match.

Learn about autism in children

Defective social skills

Children have autistic make wake the ability to interact socially. Child is missing care environment and everyone around. The baby is always in own world, do not interact or play with others. Kid does not understand sharing, make friends or understand thoughts and feelings of others.

No response

Babies are curious and like to play. However, some kid did not attention to people around. Kid no reaction any gesture toward the next. Kid did not see the fuss about happening around.

Behavior patterns

Babies with autism often have repetitive behaviors. Kid restriction in the change, inflexible routines. Kid  can move repetitive body such as clapping hands, shaking …

Retardation development

Lack of gestures and expressions are the typical signs of autism. By the first birthday, the baby is often used curious and communication skills are limited to know about the world around. Children with autism do not like that. Hardly want to know something and not make gestures are common as you age, such as waving or pointing to something.

Missing connect with family

Child disordered may not be associated with parents, siblings or other household members. Kid can react the same way with parents like strangers.

Not interested in the popular toys

Autism child can be very different from other children. Kid is not attracted to the popular games such as balls, stuffed toys, dolls … Kid may play its own way, like repetitive actions such as rotating arms, rotating a toy …

Causes of autism

The cause of autism is often not clear, but experts believe that autism can be caused by genetic and environmental

Genetic cause

Research has demonstrated that the genetic contribute cause of autism. However, no single gene is the culprit. Scientists believe that, at least 50-20 genes mainly related to autism, other genes also contribute to increased disease. The study also demonstrated that older parents are at high risk to have children with autism. The age of the father seems more important.

Environmental Causes

Gene not only reason causes autism, so scientists from searching for environmental causes. Toxic or harmful substances in the environment may cause autism by brain damage or affect gene. The researchers believe that exposure to pesticides at the time of pregnancy, viral infections … contribute to autism.

Lack of oxygen during labor may also contribute to autism.

Air pollution, food additives, flame retardants, some chemicals in plastics and synthetic materials also increases the rate of autism. These toxins are dangerous to newborn because the body less able to fight.


Not have the best treatment package for children with autism. Early detection and consultation with experts early is important. Before deciding on the treatment of children, parents need to set up such questions as How much percent successful with method? Have doctors, specialists in good ? … From there, you’ll have an insight and full of autism in children.

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  1. Finally, we ought to constantly remind ourselves that education starts at home. The parents must effectively comprehend and grasp the situation of the child. They should also consider the aspects and effects of the autistic condition and how they can correctly address the development of the child. These are a number of the couple of issues that must be aimed for: understanding the behavior, knowing the appropriate response, encouraging new ones, dealing with the social troubles, working and playing together.