Lean about method discover the world of baby

Children to learn new can busy from morning to night – and they appear in the place where you not to doubt. Baby climb onto the kitchen chair in the room. How do children do it? Next comes the baby comfortable playing in the toilet. Then, babytop to help you sundry something, disorderly and throwing items on miscellaneous floor. Curiousness of a new child can learn to make parents heat!

Kid play together

Children learn by discovering the environment around you.

But the discovery of them should be happening in the security space, and the help they can study it. When you see children beginning to learn how to discover the world, please note this in the beginning: Discover is normal but important that any child is experiencing. Discover is one of the first step to children learning about objects and children learn how to solve the problem. Children intoxicated by everything that happens, how things work, and inside the objects look how they are created in time. Skills such as: Pull up, stand up, have to crawl, walk, climb climb, and run … will help children explore and experiment environment surrounding children.

Is your baby normal?

When your child at age 1-3, children can be extremely interested in everything furniture and people, especially if those objects new and different. Baby will want is a part of whatever they do. Ministry will try to mimic you. Ministry will also require persistent problem do everything you enjoy. Sometimes children will resist the strong support you. Here are some common ways that children explore the world around you: Ministry climb up the furniture in the house and put the baby area can cover. Baby playing with water, wherever they can find: sink bowls, toilet, water tank of fish pots, and small areas. Ministry of open drawers and pull drawers, draw all the furniture in it. Contents baby bag, box transmission, and the material can contain other. Baby starter in your store and touch everything on the price chart. More baby weight, cats and other children to play.

Discover is good!

Baby practice to crawl

Although it may be difficult to follow a child to learn new favorite discovery, but discovery is good! It helps children develop important. The first is the development of wisdom. Likes learning and explore the world around your baby’s encouraging children to use their senses: smell, touch, visual, taste … The baby’s senses helps children to understand everything around how different, and how they work how. By testing different ways to capture, understanding of a problem with making the questions, children start learning how to solve problems. Let’s discover the baby to drink the milk it. By beating it up into chairs, baby listening to the sound. By shaking it up, children learn to tell people in the empty cup. And by disorder kick it, baby discovered the baby can be created disarray. A performance from the discoveries is the development of social and emotional. When a child know to be aware that children can explore their environment, and to the parents when the baby needs, children will become comfortable and more independent. Discover world simultaneously is important for physical development. Children begin to know walking, that move around to learn about their world. They develop the ability to coordinate hands – eyes. They also develop skills to use great force to go, running, climbing climb.

Baby practice to walk

Help children discover a safe

Children new to the attempt to participate in everything. Parents of children often feel tired, all day and night. Just watch the baby’s room, around the house, can make their dead-beat. Keep a child know to be safe must be a continuous concern, and when it looks like you can not stay a minute relaxation time. Really surprised, how many dangerous places and objects that children can explore. But more work is required to encourage the baby when the baby discover and learn about the value of everything. Sometimes you may want to stop the demand requires discovery of the baby. But remember: Discover the world around is necessary for growing children. Please focus your energy to give the baby a safe place to learn about the world around you. You will not have to run behind by the baby as often as you clean and attractive the danger from home yourself. Your child just too small and too obstreperous to think about safety. Ministry Ignore what’s on the road. Dam and falls and makes the baby not stop. You can never let your children in this age of outside their control. However, your work will become easier if you follow these steps: Put away from you what your baby easily destroy or disrupt pain. Use the safety on the stairs and vault gate. Blocked the doors open, the windows are not protected, pulled quickly cream. Cover the power outlet again. Keep all drugs and chemicals (such as product detergent) in 1 drawers are locked. Teaching children how to go up and down the stairs carefully. Understand that your words will not always cause the baby to avoid doing what is not safe. When something happens, the first determined action to prevent your baby’s back. Then tell children why you do it. Ready to move immediately when action is necessary (ex: when around dogs have 1 instance, a car running with high speed, or stairs).

Kid exercise all body

About learning and children play.

Children 1-3 years old very obstreperous.

Ministry will use the physical capacity and skills of the mouth to explore everything around you.

When the baby grew up, this little baby will discover the time, and increasingly more and more players. And play a “job” of children, helping children practice and master the mental, physical and social skills. To help children develop, please plan the way to discover what new and interesting at home, the neighborhood and neighbors.

Think of new ideas, related to color, image block, surface structure, and size. How a walk to the new place to be: stores, parks, or the zoo. Talk with children about what children see in this place. Wash the baby to a plastic disk with you, or give children toys to play in the baby bath tub (and make sure you will have to move in a confusion war). Provide for the baby where safe, for baby climb and explore (for example, you should cover sheet 1 bed gas up tables, to create a pretend cave) Talking about the baby and that you see and hear during a walk, take bus or drive. Help baby to you to prepare the food simple, to see children discover the form, the images, materials and colors (again, you will be prepared for a mess otherwise).

Discover the questions

Baby’s curiousness is not a limitation at all. Even if the baby is a child cool, the eyes and thoughts of children are still very busy. Ministry is gradually becoming better, especially in speaking and listening. Ministry is observing people. Baby is discovered by set questions – about everything baby see. If you always hear: “Why, Why, Why?” from the baby, keep in mind how children learn how. Children ask little questions because they need time to sense the answer they receive. They seemed to know what needed to be provided, and they will stop by when you feel full. Try to keep balance, provide for children to just enough information, but not too much.

Discover the book

Mother read book for kid

Book really useful in helping children learn more about the world around them. The library has many books to be discovered baby surroundings. Some books allow children to interact some things (like hit points to a special on the books, causing movement …). While the book encourages the other, lead children to discover the same people to lead. Both types can this kid be your favorite for a long time