Children often enjoy playing and creating sand castles formation or familiar objects. However, the sand should be moistened before shaping and sand will stick their hands and clothing of the child. Realizing this is a Swedish company has invented a special type of sand called Kinetic Sand, capable of bonding together the adhesive is not on any other surfaces, including human skin.

Kinetic sands - magic sands beach

Kinetic Sand really looks like sand because it is 98% pure sand. The sand particles linked in a very flexible, thanks to 2% polymer non-toxic glue that helps the grains to stick to its own self-created a flexible mixture without being sunk into a sticky mess or flying around.

Kinetic Dynamic Sand Cat is very sensitive to water, it is able to absorb moisture and designed appropriate indoor play with humidity of about 60% compared with the wild weather. If the mixture is wet sand, do not worry because it will dry in a natural way to return to its original great.

magic sands beach

Kinetic Dynamic Sand Cat type 1000 grams soothes tension and suitable for both children and adults, in school, at work, in therapy sessions and at home. Not everything is permanent, except for the passion with Kinetic Dynamic Sand sand.

– Kinetic Dynamic Sand Cat is designed specifically to play in the home with the flexible nature of the movement, not cluttered or detached, very clean, unlike traditional sand.

– The dynamic play with sand to help increase awareness sensation, motor skills and creative freedom, without any guidance to public

– There are effective to reduce stress, maintain attention, great feeling for the problems and therapy, Sand 1Kg ideal for dynamic individuals or groups

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WABA Fun is a provider of compounds to educational games, arts and crafts therapy with broad market worldwide. Cat animated originally developed for the professional market and then find their way to the hearts of children, teachers, parents and all people in the world


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