Key to help kid good thinking


Games such as counting, find treasures, create shape, model clay… not only stimulate the imagination of the baby but also help your child develop thinking, enhance memory performance.

Kid is learning

Games with the numbers

– Over four years, more that she can count from 1 to 10 or more. You should guide your baby to develop this habit every day by counting the objects in the house. For example, you can comfort them: “How many chair in my house, how many motor ..”

– Same baby counting stairs in the house, the bowl on the table, the picture hanging on the wall are other ways of thinking train efficiency. Many baby also enjoy counting fingers, toes, hair on your head.

– You can turn any objects around the game does count fun and interesting for baby. When your baby, you should encourage your baby learn how to count more voice in the competition, for example: “How many flowers do you paint ?” or “Can you draw two more clouds in the sky”.

– Select the songs related to the number and teach your baby by singing rhythm applause.

– When cooking, you notice your baby guide identify the size and number of objects, food. If you want to make cakes, baby can ask for a reasonable amount of material, for example: “That child knows, parents need more eggs, how many bowls powder …”. Also, dexterity required to help you get your baby “the big bowl” or “the small plate ” the right at will.

Count toy help baby learn count number

– When your baby play games on your computer, you can choose the role-related figures such as Football Game ratings and suggestions for baby playing rules.

Learn world

Not too early if you want your baby know some characteristics or features highlights of a large number of countries in the world. If you or family own the pictures, postcards of a tourist destination any time, you can introduce to your baby.

– Help your baby should begin to recognize and explore the famous tourist destination in the country before. For example: “You see this is a photo of parents in Hoan Kiem lake“. Then you can introduce the baby to remember a few basic characteristics of this land. The next day, you can review your baby picture and ask what you teach your baby yesterday.

– When watching TV, you can introduce your baby origin of animation in the U.S, UK or China also introduced through the distinctive features of that country. Best, you should shop for your baby album is a book, a collection of images of each country to learn your baby.

– If you put your baby to eat restaurant, you can introduce native dishes, such as the noodle dishes, or specialty tea is somewhere …

– If there are conditions, the family should take your baby to travel 1-2 times per year, just as the baby relax just help her explore the new land.

Some activities

– Play to find treasure: Hide an object in the home and suggestions for baby to find. For example: “That’s what a very sweet, very aromatic, mother put near two newspapers of dad”. Should guide the way Now baby also know you like.

– Play ranked according to the templates is necessary for the operation of the brain baby.

– The game manual as knead shape, collage paper, colored … also help your baby thinking effectively. Choose a large sheet of paper, you can let kids get acquainted with the numbers or letters by writing in form factors and to the baby. Should start with number 1 to 10, the name of the baby and the members of the family. In addition, you can also buy the letters or numbers and instructions plastic baby name a pair.

– Look for books with illustrations and read the baby every day. Prior to reading the link, you remember to stop, ask your baby see what imminent. Suggestions for baby how to summarize stories or compare the characters in this story with other stories. Encourage friends from creating complete stories also helps your baby develop logical thinking effectively.

Note: You should create a safe space fun and dedicated to cool baby in the house. If the area is too crowded, can clean an area where fixed as fun.

– Note to your baby does not damage surrounding objects or having dangerous play near the stove to near boiling water, unsafe electrical drive …

– Best to you baby outside the amusement park, flower gardens, playing field