Improve attention for children from 3 to 6 years


When children aged 3 to 6 years, the scope of attention of children is greatly extended compared to the previous period but attention still dominate the unconscious.

If the parents’ care, attention capacity for children in this stage is a very important job to stimulate the intellectual development of children.

Attention is considered a “door” that all things in the outside world they must want to get in through it.

Improve attention for children from 3 to 6 yearsCreate a good family environment

At home, parents need to pay attention to create living and learning environment for young scientists, because it has a huge effect in teaching children. To create a learning environment for children and parents need to:
– Arrange furniture in the room is the most logical child’s belongings.
– When a child  collapse or the display put furniture or use activities appliances , their parents must also make specific requests, helping children have completed the first things that last.
– Preparing children for a learning science, quiet.
– Up schedule for children and young guides operating under pre-determined schedule of the parents.
– Create a quiet environment for young children see the paintings as guides, books or when they play the game what it needs meticulous.

Help children understand the purpose of attention

When a child starts an activity, parents should instruct children to understand the purpose and progress of that activity. Parents can both work together just tell child the purpose of the operation and purpose of small actions to complete the job.

For example: when mother and child together to prepare dinner for the family, mother can talk to the child: “Let us prepare dinner together lovingly to come home when your father come back home. Now that Mary  picked vegetables with mother! I pick up any old vegetable and attention is not to reach deep into our pot of soup for a delicious soup ! ”

Stimulate interest in learning for children

Create forms of learning for children diversity, relaxed, gentle fun that kids are learning with relaxed mood, for example, teach your child the ability to speculate whether through games such as taking the animals with cotton is that the bear, monkey, dog. The three that you have one break your glasses. I asked you to answer, you find the friend lie!

During this period, the child’s ability to pay attention often focuses on the dynamic new image, so parents need to combine the visual images while teaching children to learn.

Development capabilities attention of children through play activities

For children like games that are conducive to the development of children, their parents should be encouraged, because it is very good for fostering children’s ability to pay attention.

Conversely, if they like the game is not good, influential parents need their kids to play games with other benefits, the original parents can play with them, explain.

Improve attention for children from 3 to 6 yearsDevelopment the following note intended for children

Note the intention is not to be noticeable effort of the will that the child is paying attention and achieve high performance.

To develop the note following is intended for children to grasp instructions when performing an operation that works, especially in learning activities such as teaching children gather the draw operations , highlighting…

Foster the efforts of children

The effort has willed very important role for the capacity development attention to the child. So parents need to foster care efforts for children as encourage independent activities, while children made something should regularly encourage children to try to make young activities to the end. Example: When midnight the young mother can encourage “Now just a little while  Mary picked vegetables then finished.”

Help children learn to regulate the steady attention

Time maintaining attention of intentional child 3-4 years is 10-15 minutes, children 4-6 years is 15-20 minutes. Want to maintain stability in the child’s ability to pay attention for long periods is very difficult. So, after the child to focus for 15 minutes, for young adults need a minute to relax as singing, exercise … then back to the child’s active content.

You can use the following training methods:

Count the number: we can teach children the habit of counting in all the time, all things as counting the number of children around the dinner dishes for their families, count the number of cars on the road …

Recall: The specific measures for children to recall what happened in a short time such that when children go out , mother can ask the kids : where do you go today? what do you see?…

Thus, for children to concentrate attention to complete an activity that parents should tell children clearly the purpose, meaning and operation requirements; need to create excitement for children and learning bring patient, then the children will have the full attention in their activities.