I want to become a TV

I want to become a TV


Like the TV only home in the living room, kitchen as well as always. I want to see this because the TV is a concern, special care.

children confidence-I want to become a TV

Morning before work, published on its hands and “comfort” as a child, it began to be sharp waves for father watch the news.

Then after both breakfast and before I go to school, mother was very careful, “put on” for television a colorful scarf to avoid dust. There was I audacity, I get to play, bunch up as bride and mother has been clap on the buttock because of mischievousness. Why TV put round beautiful scarf that me is not ?


The television was my home adored because it is the most valuable assets. Even I love it as much. There is it, I see Ton Ngo Khong after afternoon from school return, sometimes watched Tom chase Jerry around the house.

But I also jealous of the TV. All day family apart, only to reunite when the afternoon. So that afternoon, the first thing father to do that turn on television  when I want to play with father. Dad knit one’s brows talk me go to another place playing for him rest . Why dad play with me no relaxation?

At night I would mother read a legend for me, rubbing the back filled with floating prickly heart bite too itch, but mother’s also absorbed the Korean movie. I’m snivelling then mother told film come to thorny time and now the time go to bed. Mom -I do not sleep because lullaby on television is not interesting  as mother  tell a story “Once upon a time” or  mother sing lullaby.

On my house has no TV, every night mother whisper in my ear mystery things, father flap gently fans pretended to fan the princess is sleeping in the forest. Then listen to parents tell each other jokes stories. Love and warmth.

Now I hate the TV because it “takes” all parents, but I also want to be like it,  the parents care. My dreams are today’s  instead turn on  parents will say “turn on pretty speakers send from small lips curved lovely of  parents …” and my family gather warm, not playing with the TV!