How to teach children letters?


From birth until 5-6 years of age, children underwent a magical language development. During this time, children learn more than 6,000 words. Many children begin to recognize aspects of letters, written a few letters or read a few words.

Acoustics subject help children understand the letters of the alphabet and the sounds of each word. When children can relate to how the sound with method writing we can decipher the words.

Although no agreement on what should be taught to children from previous that children still want to learn the letters are important with them. Children will want to learn how to write their names and words like “father”, “mother”, even the name of lovely puppy.

How to teach children letters?

When you teach your children learn letters, follow these tips:

– Read first name of letter. Possible for children to learn first uppercase letters then lowercase.

– Let your child learn the alphabet song while pointing to each word.

– Focus on the shape of each letter. Let children know only a few letters of a line such as A, E, another letter had curves like C, O, and word has both curves and straight lines such as B, D, and P.

– Beginning with the sound series. When children know the names of letters and how you teach children how to combine sounds to write, beginning with the consonant that successive sound such as F, L, M, N, R and S.

Make sure each learning is a fun time. Learning letters are fine, but the child read the book also useful

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