How to communicate with your loved ones after they have passed


Dealing with grief is a long and often painful process. To get used to the loss of a dearly loved one is not easy, but it is not impossible either. The most difficult part of loss is coping with it after all the grieving relatives and friends have left. After the funeral, the will reading and so on, comes the time when you actually sit down and feel the loss in your life. The whole process of dealing becomes even more difficult if the financial matters of your loved one are in a mess and need to be sorted out.

For example, if you are planning to contest a will then you will have to seek the advice of an attorney and undertake some lengthy legal procedures. Here are some ways in which you can still keep in touch with your loved ones to keep them alive in your mind and soul.

The power of prayer

How to communicate with your loved ones after they have passedNever underestimate the strength of prayer. It can have a very powerful effect on our lives. Prayers don’t necessarily mean that you have to believe in God and pray to him. Prayer is to communicate with an unseen force and you can also pray to talk to your loved one. Close your eyes fold your hands and pray. Tell them about your life and your pain. Ask them to give you strength in your hour of need. If you do it with sincerity, you will be able to hear/feel their presence.

Write to them

Like prayer, words have power too. Write letters to them. Not e-mails, but actual handwritten letters. Address it to them and pour your heart out to them. Tell them all that you are feeling and you are going through. You can leave your letters at their grave, or leave them in a spot that they frequented. You could also burn them and spread their ashes.

Plant a tree

How to communicate with your loved ones after they have passed
Want to create a living symbol of your loved one? Plant a tree in your garden or backyard. What could be a better and more vibrant symbol of your love and their life? A tree is a reminder of the fact that they lived, and not that they died. A tree is something you can embrace and talk to. It is a presence, and a way to communicate with your loved one. It might take some time to bear flower but love and care always helps.

Have a séance

Are you finding the pain of loss unbearable? Then you could try some complex and more esoteric practices. If you believe in the afterlife, then you could try holding a séance. You need to get in touch with a medium who is an expert in conducting a séance. Through this, you can communicate with your loved one. Make sure that you contact a well known medium and not someone who is out to scam you. With things like these, always be careful. Look around for recommendations before you make a choice.

Another method of using spiritual contact is through the well known Ouija board. This is something that doesn’t require extensive preparations like a séance. You can get your own board and do your own sessions to get in touch with your loved ones. In practices like these, please exercise extreme caution. Be prepared for the possibility of failure. It is not easy to contact spirits. Also, sometimes practices like this can cause you more pain than closure. Only go ahead if you think it is absolutely essential to speak to your loved one.