How the right praise and criticism your children

Praise are always valued higher than any reward parents for children. But the praise and criticism of the parents affect the formation of the personality later.

How the right praise and  criticism your children
Praise, criticism properly

Children are often very sensitive, so, you should really compliment the new center is valid. The sincerity could be the first at the level of praise.

If you feel happy when children collected their toys move finished a neat, you should only praise: ” You have very good work!” instead of praise: “The baby of mother’s great!”. A compliment spontaneously and easy with no less harm these words decry excessive.

Parents should not save compliment with children

Feel young child to become a great and difficult to relatively easy to receive a negative comment (whether it is practical) if children do wrong. Try to look straight into the young nature of the matter, because in real life, to become great in the eyes of someone so extremely arduous and some do not not simple.

The praise does not place children will tend to look forward forever a compliment for a job somehow, no matter that there is considerable merit or not. Instead, you need to develop confidence and feel proud of achievements for children because the children did so. Children often have psychological interests and very happy, joyful when the reward, especially young ki know you recognize and value their talented. Therefore, if not careful you will inadvertently eclipsed the trust of every child when even very small children are put on be in the clouds.

Moreover, the question as simple as saying: “Thank you for having to help parents” or “Parents are very happy because of your result education  ” … always have the magic power. They also contribute to increase linkages between members of the family, create closer the  information between parents and children.Moreover, when parents know the child and praise positive praise is timely secrets bring success not only for education, but also of myself.

Things to avoid

When children are criticize too much , they may react in two different extremes. The first, children proved depressed thinking whether what the parents were too happy to children lacking confidence. The second, children still press to satisfy their parents, but to a certain time, children will respond to flare up because repressed long time.Many mothers and fathers while saving praise, criticism generous words with thoughts like that will limit free purse patterns, offensive self-esteem to children without trying to stop. However, this sometimes causes the opposite effect. Besides, the children were often parents criticism , especially when the presence of others is the taboo.If criticism  before friends then consequences will be more worse. Children tend to see themselves as being heavily insulted, humiliated and heart resentment parents. Also, children may react negatively as bickered with parents, beating the furniture, tear notebook … depending on the character of each child. Many children were treated like long days gradually become a habit and self-esteem and confidence of the child to corrosion is difficult to develop tomorrow.
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  1. Children spend there life trying to please parents. If at a very early age they know they can please a parent it will help them build there self-esteem for life.
    My mother was always trying to teach me how to do things right, but never let me know when I did do them right. Always let children know when they do things right and praise them. My self-esteem had to over come this in later years.

    Children are like a sponge, the soak up whatever we teach them. Teach them well and there life will be very happy.


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