The world is constantly changing and life is becoming much harder. Before a husband’s salary is already enough to provide for the family’s needs but today, even if both parents are working, some families still have to struggle to get by every day. Additionally, many companies are cutting cost through reducing the number of employees and as a result, unemployment rate surges – more specifically, the number of jobless moms increases.

Now, what can help you cope with the situation? The most practical way is to become an entrepreneur or work at the comfort of your home or be a freelance contractor for companies. This article will discuss different small home business ideas for moms and housewives.

Stay-at-home mom’s monetary contribution is undeniably a vital ease in the family’s financial situation.  With that, you can lessen your husband’s burden and sooner or later, your husband may begin to see you as a financial asset.

Here are 15 simple and easy ways that housewives can do to earn money while staying at home.

1. Become a freelance contractor

Do you have a passion for writing? You can try to be a freelance writer as the demand for writers is getting higher. Even if you do not have enough experience and training in writing, learning the craft is just a click away since the internet offers plenty of do-it-yourself tutorial to hone up your writing skills.  

2. Start selling home baked goods

 Start selling home baked goodsMost mom’s and housewives have a natural ability to bake. So instead of baking just for fun, why not bake to earn? Facebook, Instagram, and other social media apps and sites offer a great platform for you to offer and advertise your baked products. So with just an oven and a smartphone, you can start your small business online. 

3. Start a medical transcription service

Although some companies do not require training, most companies do. So having one will be an advantage, some schools near you may offer courses related to the medical transcriptionist. In layman’s term, it is listening to a medical recording and typing everything you hear. A desktop computer and a reliable internet connection is needed to help you work efficiently. Hands-on experience is the best way to hone your typing and listening skills so the more you work, the faster you can get the job done, the faster you’ll earn your salary.

4. Offline and online tutoring

Offline and online tutoringDo you have a neighbor who needs schooling assistance but lacks the patience to teach their kids? You can offer yourself as a tutor for an hourly rate. It is not as hard since most of the tutees are kids and require just a very basic knowledge. On the other hand, some companies look for online tutoring service to teach the English language for some foreigners. Most clients are Korean, Japanese, Chinese or other Asian countries. They offer the fair amount of salary and you can work based on your schedule, which is a major advantage for busy housewives. 

5. Start a web designing business

With most companies, even the small ones, already use website, this job has a lot of potentials. With proper training, you can start your own freelance web designing business. The web has a lot of software and tools to help you improve your skills and be more productive. 

6. Start a business coaching service

One home business idea that technology has expanded is coaching. You are no longer restricted to have an office where you meet people in person or a phone, you can already coach face-to-face using your desktop computer or even your phone wherever and whenever. With the right profession, you can already be called a coach especially when you have enough experience in the field. You can definitely help other people and at the same time earn some money for yourself and for your family.

 7. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing might be new to some people but it can really generate money. To put it simply, you just have to promote a product or a service of a company and earn commission for every sale they acquire. The advantage is that you don’t have to invest any money and a lot of time. Just make sure you advertise a product or service that you are familiar with and that it will surely benefit other people.

8. Online clothing store

Online clothing storeAmong everything in the list, this one is arguably the easiest way to earn. The good thing in this line of business is that you don’t have to invest a lot of money because you just have to post pictures on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms, just like that you can start a clothing store of your own. When someone buys from you, ask for their payment first and order the items from your supplier and have your supplier ship it directly to the customer. And that, my friend, is very easy.

9. Start offering nanny services

Start offering nanny servicesOffering nanny services during office or busy hours can be very a great way to earn. You can be a reliever to the parents when they are working or doing something. You can start with people you already know so they can easily trust you with their kids.

10. Start an Elderly care service

An elderly care home service has a high demand especially if the relatives are busy at work. Again, you can start offering your services to people you already know so you can easily land a job.

11. Start offering pet sitting services

Many people treat their pets as families and it is really a problem when they are employed or when they are going somewhere for a vacation for a couple of days. Pet sitting is really an amazing job especially when you love pets. Walking dogs, looking after them, feeding them and taking care of them are just some of the responsibilities included in this service.

12. Online travel guide

Do you love to travel? Well, who doesn’t? It would be awesome if you can earn while you travel, isn’t it? Word-of-mouth is still one of the best advertising platform out there so practically, some travellers promote hotels, travel agency, a resort, and their experience to social media for a specific rate. With today’s technology, a good picture and a wonderful experience can become viral just a few clicks away.

13. Blogging

In our modern era, blogging became very famous and it is being used by a lot of people. But what others do not know is they can earn through blogging. Start attracting readers by creating a blog with useful contents. Think of something unique, interesting, and things that can affect people’s life positively. Let your idea grow by engaging with your readers and start making money by selling books/article that will lead to further knowledge about your topic. If the readers’ traffic is really that good, you can even put advertisement to your blog and generate more topics. Sounds easy but it really requires tons of work and dedication. The thing is, you should always find ways to improve so your readers will crave for more. 

14. Consultancy services

Are you a professional? Probably an accountant or an Information technology expert but you’re too busy taking care of your household to work in the corporate world? Worry no more, you can use your profession at home by starting a consultancy service at home. You can earn an hourly rate or per project basis depending on your client. With this job, you get to enjoy your profession while staying at home. 

15. Virtual Assistance

In a typical business, there is normally a ton of works to do, but not all organizations can hire a person for every task. Most startups do not have the funds to hire employees since they rather put their budget elsewhere. So they often contract out some of their work to these “virtual” assistants. And here’s where you are going to come in. Virtual assistants provide support remotely and they do not need to go to the office physically.


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