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All children are favorite activities fun. It just brings fun, just for the ability to study all of the children. By selecting the type of toys appropriate, be tailored for each stage of development, you can support children to study and develop a best way. Here are some suggestions selected toys suitable for children over 3 and the benefits they can bring in school.

baby learning toys

For seeds with and jewelry

3-year-old children, especially girl children, may be the string beans with round elastic or yarn to make into a necklace or wristbands simple. There are many bags to use materials available within string on the market, you easily buy them at bookstores or educational outlets t?p products, stationery, including several rounds of full grain color, grain or are decorated with letters, so that baby can you spell your name. The string within the springy wire Chun can help children develop skills in coordinating movement of the hand.

The toys simulation

Children 3 years old is the baby that would like to be involved in all activities in the home, and mimic the actions of the father and mother. This helps children discover the ardent and try as many things, like smoke or dust give parents equipment clothing during exposure map, but not when it is also the opportunity to work to secure children may try ( such as ironing clothes for example). Therefore, children should play corner in a separate house with toys for children only.

There are lots of toys simulation size small for children, such as the rail, and the Vacuum Cleaner toys, but you are mini toys and many other similar you can see, is suitable for baby play “heaver”. This can help children do mimic the activities that children crave, while still ensuring safe and appropriate to the age of the child.

baby learning toys

The volume pair’s toys

Same age but the other 3-year-old children also enjoyed playing with the volume’s mount pair. The array can be mounted pair smaller than the array mounted pair is designed for children 2 years old, but this is very beneficial, because it can help children develop the campaign at hand and the ability to coordinate activities better. Pair networks also allows you to think better of the child, find out where to put the pair on the array and the results be like after the picture was completed.

Crafts and decoration

Children 3 years old prefer to use lead color and create drawings full of color (tend to like features nguyech parentheses random), but they receive many benefits from the arts and crafts decorative form hey. Children need time to be familiar with the use of tools such as paint pen, pen, thus developing the skills campaign the better, to participate in art activities and games and crafts make children feel interested, also valued education highly.

Cycling 3 cake and all kinds of transport toys

3 years is the development of the child when they expanded the scope of work, moving and playing like the outdoors, discover the surroundings. Although children may still not completely stable when walking, they can learn how to bike 3 wheel, or control the types of toys transport other appropriate size. This helps to increase physical ability for children, also provides for children a few necessary skills when they really know cycling.

baby learning toys

Tools and furniture work

Children 2 years of age often enjoy playing with all kinds of simple toys, but when preparing to 3 years old, children can play even with the small tools such as real, the toys and furniture really. You will recognize a variety of wooden toys and mini types of furniture available, specially designed for children, with appropriate height and needs of children playing. Children like to be typed into the hole and play with other tools – especially if they can play games mimic any activities that parents do.

Identify shapes, numbers and games compare less than

At this age children still continue to learn about the different image blocks, and balance. Variety of toys available to help children develop this skill, such as a timber for the count, the toys many shapes and colors or toys related to the hanging of objects on the core equipment to a center to be balanced. All types of toys provides children the opportunity to play great, and they also increase learning of your child.

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