There are some children that simply struggle while growing up, being incapable to fit in with other kids, to find their place and experience all the wonders that childhood brings with it. This can be quite a troublesome subject, so it is important to approach it in a delicate matter. If you have noticed that your child is acting uncanny or is giving out signs of anti-social behaviour, this could be a good moment to step up and aid your child in these difficult times. As parents, there are only so many things you could do, starting from here:

Helping your introverted child make friends

Work On Their Development

How your children behave and how they manifest their behaviour is a reflection of their inner-self, their self-conscious. Most children that are being targeted as shy, antisocial or simply different than other kids, are nothing more than misunderstood or lack some essential skills. As parents, it is your duty to help your children develop those skills, social among others, so they would be able to develop in a proper manner. Talking with your children, giving them advice and working together with them on their overall development can greatly contribute to their self-esteem and general self-image. What is important to realise that this is an ongoing process and that you should start implementing healthy practices from the day your child is born until it completely matures.

Helping your introverted child make friends

Provide a Good Behavioural Model

It is important to realize that before anything, they are just children after all. And the best way to teach children some crucial life lessons is to lead them by example. While they are still growing up, their parents represent the focal figures in their lives. This is why providing a good model could greatly influence them to overcome their social obstacles and become more outgoing. As their role models, your obligation is to give them something they will look up to and to promote a healthy lifestyle that will aid them in their development process. This applies not only to what you do, but what you speak and most importantly – how you act.

X friends with kids

Encourage Extracurricular Activities

Childhood is a period when most children learn about themselves, expand their knowledge of certain subjects, acquire different skills or upgrade their talents. This could be a great foundation from where to start. Extracurricular activities are not only a good way to enhance their skills but also a great way to interact with other children and meet somebody who shares their vision of the world. Remember to always include them in the decision making process and do not push them towards specific activities. Whether they enjoy sports, art, music or crafts, you should learn to respect their wishes and encourage them to participate in any given pursuit.

how do i make friends

Organize Social Gatherings

Social gatherings are also one of the best ways to help your children become more social, develop their skills, interact with others or simply be among others their age. Birthday parties provide a great setting for these kinds of activities, so you should never deny them of a good time. Children enjoy motion and action, so do not hesitate to organise a nerf party or something similar where they would be able to play together as a team. This has wonderful effects on children as they learn how to work with each other, and whatever the ending result is – they learn that they have the support of their teammates.

They say that childhood is one of the most magical periods in our lives. While this is true for many of us, it does not necessarily have to be that way. Your goal, as parents is to help your child in any way possible so they too would be able to look back on their childhood days and smile.


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