Help your baby learn to talk

Almost all children have learned the rules of language from a young age, free from the first chatter to first word don’t accurate.

Help your baby  talk

Communication between parents and children under 5 years of life will shape the course of language development of children. Children speak a collective nature and is due in part by interacting with people and surroundings.

Help your child say each age

Newborn to 3 months: Although children seem not to understand anything, but you should talk regularly while taking care such as bathing, changing diapers, feeding … Children enjoyed the sound been from your voice. Lull to sleep more than excellent.

You should avoid appearing when the child has sleep province, let a little time a child practice alone, so will practice “larynx” of the baby, preparing for learning to said later.

4 to 6 months: Repeat several times or the words you say to children as “eat eat” when that baby signs since he wanted to imitate. Sing for the children listening, repeating the tunes contributing to help children understand the language and encourage your baby speak sooner.

From 7 to 9 months: Please read the children hear the short poem, fork, children’s song … just read while doing the work. Play with the game:”smack one’s tongue” to create the sound “crackle” make happy ears. Common set of questions like “Where is ball?”, “Where is bears ? ” … then only if the child objects are not seen. When children look at something and exclaimed, please call the name of the object.

From 10 to 12 months: Let the children imitate the movement such as clapping hands, waving hello, handling, rolling the ball … accompanied by words describe actions know. Call the child’s name frequently in every day communication.

From 13 to 18 months: Vocabulary of children use this period to range from 50 to 100 words, including those from the simple, close one or two syllables. However children still using the language “self-made” to communicate. When children want something, such as going to the toilet, you need patience to wait out the child says she wants instead of just satisfying the requirements of children.

From 19 to 24 months: vocabulary of children up to 130 words, including those from owners of the only child and the child will not deny … Or use words and combine with nouns to describe words like “good child, hot water, the lovely dog”. Simultaneous use question set order as “Let run fast” … In addition to the use of prepositions like “on, behind, under …” you need to explain to young to understand what you want to describe it.

From 25 to 36 months: Help baby to increase vocabulary by using vocabulary. In particular, regular reading and explain to young people arising from the new way is very effective. Also create conditions for children exposed to other children, because this is the best way to help your baby develop language skills.

Continue to teach children songs, poetry reading, viewing and reading a large image. Requires children to perform the tasks and from 2 to 3 requirements such as: “Get water and glasses on tray on the table “.

At this stage children can begin to stutter, but only temporarily. If your child can not overcome the disability stutter when to about four and a half and if you seriously need to bring young professionals to language therapy consultation.

From 3 to 5 years: Consistently answer the question of children, and ask children repeating what they say you have not understood. This shows that you are interested in what children say. Children will imitate you, have a habit of listening to others. This is an important communication skills should be formed from small of children.

Last week you can bring children to bookstores, children have the opportunity to choose books for their own. Frequently heard reading to children, especially before bedtime. Ask your child’s favorite character and why. You can read a story that many children still preferred, especially stories tales, myths with more details and unexpected humor.

The note when helping children talk

Language is considered a means of thinking and communication, life skills are important in life weekdays. To facilitate, stimulate children’s language development is the optimal first concern of parents.

– Parents should pay attention to food words when voice chat with children. Should speak slowly, clearly pronounced the same time, careful speech in the presence of children

– Answer all the questions of children a selective and check out how your child and your response.

– Do not start by burning the child how to speak, said the idea that children will be and not try to speak properly again.

– Fix use clever words, how to tell the children, and children about their errors but not to cackle. If your child says quickly, said unknown or small, you should remind children that need to be said from a cost and to specify.

– When a child accidentally ape the gown ups, friends. Do not review or punish child, so will make you remember forever the bad words he. Instead, patiently explaining to the child from evil, not to say the words from your child will understand.