Help the kid love reading books

Reading skills are especially important for the baby in the primary education. This process helps your baby’s brain activity and thinking well. Furthermore, reading also helps reinforce vocabulary for kid, making good language and expression.

Other factors also improved by reading, including: the concentration, memory and creativity. Parents know the benefits of reading with your baby but not animals also love books. It is important that you need to create fun tips to encourage reading habits for children.

Help the kid love reading books

Reading story before bedtime

Instead of you reading this for the kid, they will read stories for mother. When your baby to read, encourage your baby poses questions for parents. Or you can ask about the baby picture, the details of the story. This not only helps your baby to read but also makes baby ham focus and know how to summarize information effectively from a book.


Babies are like used his imagination. One way to read your baby ham Nursery physically active, based on patterns from the characters in the story. The kid read book or  self creative the story and described through action. You need to teach children to use stuffed animals, clothing or other things in the house to act as real life stories.

Using hand puppets

The puppets are attractive games with your baby. Let kid pick out a few favorite stories. When your baby express Left stories, talk to your child that you love this story. Then, challenge your baby to join us play with puppets. Make  appointed for your kid as the “product manager”, the actors and puppets encourage your kid to adjust puppets so that they match the characters in the story. Maybe kid can also  performed with all people in family. This method help your baby understand the story, increase creativity and imagination.

Read Report (magazine) for children

The newspaper (magazine) in accordance with the age of the baby helps your baby excitement. Because, through which you will teach your baby about things close in daily life; for example, on most newspapers are a mirror the boy play sports well, you can talk to them about character that, as the address, school … Can use the map to show kid found, friends living in that area do. Thereby, they will be expanding knowledge of the actual events

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  1. I remember reading to my children and now I read to my grandchildren when they are around me. You have some wonderful tip for parents. Reading to a child is so important.
    One of there favorite was, “The Poky Little Puppy.”

    May happiness always be there for you,

    • Reading book is always good habit. The correct choice book bring for us good friend :)
      Thanks and regards,