Help pregnant women sleep during pregnancy


As of late pregnancy, the more you find it difficult to find yourself a good sleep. There are a few tips experts recommend that you use to sleep during hard pregnancy period.

Help pregnant women sleep during pregnancy1. Create a comfortable sleeping environment

To begin, you need a comfortable sleeping environment. A certain buffer, together with moderate temperatures in the room will help your body truly relax. You will feel hotter than normal during pregnancy. So always keep the room ventilated, or air conditioning equipment is the best choice for your sleep.

2. Find a comfortable position

Find a comfortable position is the biggest problem for all pregnant women. You may not prone, as this will create pressure for the baby. You should not lie down too much, because lying on your back for too long will put pressure on the intestines and on the back, causing constipation and hemorrhoids disease as more serious.

Lie is a best solution. Use a soft, thin pillow, sandwiched between two legs, abdomen or the bottom will help women feel much more comfortable. Also you should stretch your legs when sleeping will be of limited cramps, numbness in the legs.

3. Limit drinking before bed

During pregnancy you will urinate more than usual. And up too many time during the night to go to the bathroom makes you sleeping, sometimes lose sleeping. You can limit this by drinking less water, avoid eating foods with too much water for about 1-2 hours before bedtime. Of course you will have to ensure sufficient water supply during pregnancy, so let’s drink more than the other times of the day.

4. To the dim light lamp

To light in the bedroom or bathroom you will not have to switch on when to wake up at night. But should not be too bright lights, just dim enough to not crash when you wake up, but help you get back to sleep faster after wake up.

5. Relax

Let your mind really comfortable and relaxing before bed. Do not stress yourself with thoughts about work, about the baby and the changes in life, worried about financial … If you can, try to apply some of the following measures: a warm bath, set a few yoga moves, massage, listening to music … before bed.

6. No pressure for sleep

If you have tried but still can not sleep. Not trying too. It will make you become more and more stress and insomnia. Be up and doing something a few such as reading, watching TV … After about half an hour to an hour,  guarantee you will feel tired enough to want a deep sleep.