Help kid to develop reading skills


Reading is important for the study of children, especially elementary school age, when children start to familiarize yourself with learning seriously. You know, you can help children develop reading skills with a very fun and not expensive, what this also helps children feel less pressure to learn more.

With kid to develop reading skills

Habits sending a message

Often recorded on paper, board messages for children as small notes, messages or reminders, child protection, please read and if necessary protect children answered, this is not just reading skills but also the skills to express thoughts in children anymore.

Cooking follow the books

Encourage children to practice reading skills by following the formula in the books to create a delectable dish. Necessarily children will love, especially with girls.

Impersonate character in story

Make reading a comic book into a game for children with participation plays a role in the story or two, remember to transfer voice for each character to the story more compelling!

Write stories giving strength

Written several papers on the opening sentence to a story interesting, transfer it to your child so that they read carefully what you write, then sure they write to a few sentences to tell more stories. So on, move the piece of paper until after the story was finished. Let’s read together his work to see this collaboration interesting !

Join sentence games

Taking 20 small pieces of paper, write the name on the five characters that children can be identified, five action words, 5 places, and only five from time to time. Then, sure young 4 piece of paper drawn from four groups to transplant into question and to read the sentence has been grafted. Let’s wait and see, this is a game extremely unexpected and fun know!

Guess from the context

With kid to develop reading skills
This is the period fun interesting to you.

Use wallpaper to cover 1 from every fifth word, then, to read children stories, children stories based on the circuit to guess words can fill seats with cover off. Besides reading skills, this game also helps children skills to capture information and inference.

Read stories on audio tapes

Very expressive child to read stories to their favorite audio tapes and created a sound is to mark every turn a new page. Encourage children hear the recording again with their regular, while rereading the book.

Sing a song follow the book

For the songs you love the books of his songs. Know where you can discover your potential in the singing know more.

PS: Parents can refer some good book for your children