Help children to develop of all senses

You can hang toys on cage, baby to observe. It may be that the spoons, plastic cup sizes and full color disc, ball …all the thing will create nice sound when baby touch.

Play with your children

Campaign, to help children explore the development of physical and intellectual. Whether infants, you should communicate with their children in different ways to make many baby campaign. Here are some suggestions for you:

– Instead of just buying the same material for all our problems baby wrap, you try to buy the materials vary. Baby can feel the difference between the nature: of soft cotton, the smooth silk, and feel hard, soft, wet or dry.

However, you also need to note in children skin is still very sensitive. So you should do for children familiar with the material from new fabrics and very carefully.

– You can feel the baby move in different ways very simple: put the baby on a blanket or sheet towel, then hold the four corners properly then you gently bring the different directions.

Or you hold baby on hand, and you can sway the baby, turn or move up and down. At first your baby close to your body and move gently, to see the baby feeling safe.

– Suspend many different objects on the cage that baby can see. It may be things in the cheapest you can change daily. For example, you may be alternatives to the different spoons, plastic cup sizes and full color disc, in paper … all make the sound interesting to the touch. Use your imagination, and to take advantage of the home.

– The development language is important. You do not think that children do not understand what you say. You try to talk to the baby, real close and you will see children react.

– When you can grasp the objects in your hands, baby will love to discover more by giving them to the mouth, where a lot of pulp nerves allow children feel things very close.

Therefore, please ensure your child’s toys must be clean, safe, not too small for children can be swallowed, can not injure the baby. This is better than the time you must also watch for the baby toys to mouth.

It may be the toys or household items such as tea spoons, boxes, cups or the plastic, towels, small bottle and clothing with different materials. They should be cleaned regularly to children before the game. However, you also should not neglect with children, especially when a baby hold things in hand.

– You can also begin to familiarize children with books. You can select books in plastic to keep the baby can not swallow or tearing paper.

You open the page in front of friends and talk about the picture. Ministry will immediately create the desired sound as you talk about the drawings.

– When the baby stay awake, you can put the baby lie supine or upturn stomach for a while. You put your children on the different fabrics, put toys around the baby, encourage children to get them, upturn and practice crawl. Toys must be different colors, shapes, sizes and materials and some items can create sound when moved or press.

Please encourage children to be on the way to objects near the child’s foot, this will create sound when baby touches it. Children often like to rock in the bathtub. When a child is to keep standing on your feet in noise emission, this will make children excited, like going over to help increase the supply of your feet.

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