Help children 5 years old learning with toys


Play an important part in the lives of children, it brings to the fun and laughter, and it also increases the learning ability in children. As a parent, you can help children learn and develop by choosing toys appropriate to their age. Here are a few types of toys suitable for children over 5 and study the benefits they can bring.

“Board Games”

5 year old children can play games like “board game”, with family or relatives. They also know to listen and follow the instructions better than when the baby is in addition to that, they have better awareness of the concept of fairness, so not the time they want to win, or fraud to win, and they will like the game requires a few skills agreement, even entente.


Children 5 years old full of energy and would love to learn new skills, and physical activity one. Learning skipper is an interesting skill to discover the baby, adding that it also provides ways to practice new can. This stage, children will have many skills well coordinated, so the baby should be getting ready to be proficient skills skipper.

Making toys

At this age, children can participate in work of art and crafts, we love to overcome the challenges and try to do things different from a raw material. The boy can do like a simple aircraft, while the little girl likes to cut the clothes from paper, carton to cover the doll to wear. Learning toys made from the tool will provide experiences for children to complete a job, it also helps children develop the skills campaign better.

Play music instruments

5 year old child can be like playing all kinds of toys to play music, so the simple musical instruments such as piano keyboard small, empty, or pipe … can provide hours of entertainment for children (although sometimes quite a bit of noise). The unit system and from a professional music teachers can enhance the music for children, but sometimes simple is just like the children discover their own ability to create music like .


Games Mathematics and the count

Any first toy or game is related to the count or shape the skills of basic ideas are good for children up to the 5 – phase in which children engaged in learning math. Although children will have a background understanding of basic number and the count, as many and counting skills children learn, the more help children learn easier (especially of subjects) in schools later . The toy area of traditional, often made from wood, can help children form skills count, but now has a variety of toys diverse accounting – based games and toys available the market will be much more convenient.



To 5 years old, the ability to coordinate, balance and physical skills have improved a lot, children can start cycling – 1 is the right bike. Although children may not be able to keep the balance completely, but they may be good cycling ability and drive alone has been improved. Cycling help promote the ability to self-esteem, as well as enhance the physical skills.

Discover the box of birds and insect

Although the exact say this is not a toy, but children love discovering the world around you, and of course we always enjoy the wild world. The box contains the children of small, specially designed for children, can use to help children of the children, touching them to a safe, so children can see and observe behavior by them. Similarly, the use of the box to make the birds may be placed in the garden, helps children to observe the birds – or for children for all kinds of bird seeds, help them attract more. Learn about the natural world will help the development of natural knowledge and natural self-directed learning in children.


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