Help children 1 year old learn how to play with a toy


Children will learn many skills and abilities for myself, knowing more about the world around them and how to use objects through how to play with the objects. By choosing toys appropriate for young ages, you can help strengthen and develop the ability to study the baby, help child get a proper start in life. In this article we give some idea of selecting appropriate toys for children age 1 and the benefits that these toys can bring the baby.

Help children 1 year old  learn how to play  with a toy



Old age is a child of being busy to crawl, or toddling to walk, and they will soon become fluent walking. To help children improve balance and coordination of movements, like the pram collection is really useful to the baby. The toy has a lot of design styles, with various shapes of animals, and usually made of wood.

Even if children are not going to set age, a pram is still a good idea to help your baby learn to stand up. When a child walking the first steps, anything can survive is to help them upright are actually beneficial and will help them stick around more easily.

Interactive book

Children of any age can love books, and a period of years is good for baby to start learning now how a book. There are many books: big, thick, heavy, and many colors for this age group, especially, they will very favorite books that anyone can interact directly. Search for books with plenty of things for children to feel: the scabrous surface, has a pull tab to pull on, play sound, or other factors such as building fun, hand puppet .. .

Favorite books from this age is a good step for the middle heart fad books in the future, moreover, this is a great way for parents attached to a baby through the reading and sharing story.


Blocks merger

Please gather plenty of available small and thick blocks of wood for children 1 year old husband often prefer them to other towers. Most, we like the towers that were destroyed immediately after the newly completed, they will go out the back, building to building. Building blocks will help children have the best interest to practice their motor skills, depending on the size of the wood blocks, children can also be train the skills exercise.

The hand puppet

Toys hand puppets made from soft materials capable of attracting the attention of the baby in this age. Adults may be rear puppet on their hand and act into the characters, or you can use the book prolonged together. Children will be interested when you express vivid characters, use voice communication to enhance the feel attractive and fun story.

Stacking the toys

Using wooden toys or plastic or solid plastic available, such as you may be stack a series of pictures of different cup or cage to the ring on a pillar. These types of toys like this is a good idea for children 1 year of age learned the differences in size and color of objects – the more colors are arranged and identified – will increasingly attract the attention of children to recognize patterns and shapes of them. We will help children to be fun, not the time for the purpose of learning and bring the baby learning skills.


Music and the toys generated voice

Although children can not speak, but at one-year period they will have quite busy with work to receive the basic words, and will be more busy with the creation of more noise – one way first baby during the study says.

There are many activities and the game engine to apply high technology can encourage school children say (for example, penguins emits sound when he or she clicks on a button specified) and these toys have help your baby get experience in learning speak soon. Similarly, children in this age group often enjoyed responding to music, so any toys to play music, or songs that children, like the sound counseling, or simply the rhythm … are worth the investment parents for their kids.