Children will learn many skills and abilities for yourself, know more about the world around them and how to use objects to do through the game with the objects. By choosing toys appropriate for children age, you can help strengthen and develop the ability to study by children, help children get a proper start in life. In this article, we give some ideas selected toys suitable for children 1 year old and the benefits that these types of toys can give children.

Baby girl with toys

With Pram

An age-old child is busy learning to be, or to accept them, and they will soon become experts on walking. To help children improve balance and coordination of the work, as the toys go cart is really helpful for the baby. The toys are many design styles, with shapes of animals, and usually made with wood.

Even if young age not to go on, the vehicle is still going good idea to help the baby learn to stand up. When a child walking the first step, anything can resist to help straighten them are actually beneficial, and will help them click Go around more easily.

Interactive Books

Children of any age can do like books, and 1 year period is good for children beginning to learn how to time a book like. There are many types of books: big, thick, heavy, and many colors for this age, especially, the baby will be your favorite any books which may interact directly. Search for books with a lot things for children to feel: the surface scabrous, have to drag to draw, play the sound, or the fun factor, such as construction, then hand .. .

Favorite books right from this age is a good buffer for the fad of the future, moreover, this is a great way for parents sticking with baby through the reading and share stories.

About unify block
Please collect available as much small wood blocks and thick as 1 year old children usually prefer them to the husband to the tower together. Most, like the breakdown of the tower immediately after it has finished building, they will only go out again, set to build again. Building blocks of good pictures will help children with inspiration to practice the skills campaign, depending on the size of the wood blocks, children can practice the skills campaign.

The puppet

Puppet made from soft material capable of attracting the attention of children in this age. Adults are confused on the long arm and into the characters, or may use the book’s linked with each other. Children will be excited when you express the lively characters, use voice communication to increase understanding and more attractive and fun to the story.

Pile toys

Use wooden toys or plastic or solid plastic available, such as you may be pile a series of the glass cage or different ones in a column last place. The type toys like this is good idea for children 1 year of age are the different sizes and colors of objects – as many colors and are arranged recognition – will be more attracted the attention children to sample and identify them by shape. They will help children have fun, not only is the service for the purpose of learning and give children the learning skills.

Musical toys and output

Although children can not speak, but in the period of 1 year old baby will be quite busy with the curl to receive the basic terms, and will be more busy with making more noise – in the form first baby in the study said.

There are many activities and many of the game apply high technology can encourage the school children (example: bird wings and cut the sound when the child clicks on the button 1 is here) and the toys also have can help children get experience in the earlier study. Similarly, children in this age often prefer to enjoy the music, so any kinds of toys to play music, songs or any children, as the sound counseling, or simply the rhythm … are to their parents invest baby.

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