They say that giving birth is the real essence of being a woman. Thus, pregnancy could be considered as one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences in a woman’s life. However, this stage could also be stressful – with morning sickness, constant body aches, body, mood, and habit changes.

Pregnant women could also notice some visible changes in their skin like stretch marks, melasma, chloasma, pimple breakouts, and skin tags. And with these skin changes and flaws, one may consider the wonders of makeups and beauty products to conceal such.

However, exposure to these chemicals during pregnancy could be really harmful as it may induce some serious malformations and adverse effects to the developing fetus inside your womb. As a matter of fact, your favorite makeup and beauty products may contain one or more of the 168 unique chemicals and ingredients that are potentially teratogenic, thus harming your baby. There is also a controversial study that claims a link between wearing make-up during pregnancy and lower IQ scores in children.

7 Health Beauty Tips for Pregnant Mom and Beyond

Indeed, looking good should never compromise the health the growing miracle inside your tummy and we understand your struggle. So here are some useful makeup and beauty tips for pregnant women:

1. Use a product based on your pregnancy skin

Obviously, your hormones are all out of whack during pregnancy, and that might mean different skin flaws like pimple breakout, and a scaly dry or oily skin. If it is too dry, a good moisturizer followed by liquid foundation, concealer, and a compact will surely help your skin look nourished and moisturized. And if it is too oily, use may use a powder based product which can minimize the clogging of your pores which secrete too much oil.

2. Use hair care product with sulfate free

Tough hair products like shampoos and conditioners stay in your hair for a couple of minutes then immediately rinsed off, it is not certain to consider them safe during pregnancy as these products may contain chemicals that can harm your fetus.

Examples are sulfate containing compounds like sodium lauryl sulfate which is a popular surfactant found in shampoos that have been linked to birth defects in studies. Always check the formulation label of the product to be free of sulfate-containing compounds before using it. Instead, you may choose to use mild shampoos, conditioners, and protein masks to have a healthier hair care regimen. Salon hair treatments may be also not necessary since your hair becomes naturally healthier during pregnancy.

3. Must use sunscreen

Now that you are pregnant, shielding yourself from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays is much more important than ever. Because during pregnancy your, your body’s pigment-producing cells called melanocytes, kick into overdrive thus making your skin more susceptible to UV-induced discoloration.

So sunscreen is a must-have during this period but you have to be concerned about the chemicals in your favorite regular sunscreen. You may just opt to buy a complete natural sunscreen lotion devoid of harmful chemicals that may intrude your body. Apply this half an hour before going out under the sun and reapply in the later part of the day as necessary.

4. Use eye cream and concealer to cover up puffiness and dark circles

During pregnancy, you are also bound to have trouble sleeping especially during the first and third trimesters so having puffy eyes and dark circles around are so normal. To alter and conceal this, pat some nourishing eye cream and gently brush a concealer afterward. You just have to select the right shade of corrective concealer to cover these dark circles and to achieve a brighter look at the same time.

5. Use concealer to cover up hyperpigmentation

As discussed earlier, your body’s melanocyte production increases during pregnancy causing dark spots to appear on the skin. And finding a beauty product to conceal these annoying dark spots can be a tedious task. So here is a simple tip. Use a light foundation that easily blends with your skin and stays for longer hours then use a stick or a powder based concealer to hide the pigmentations.

6. Use blush or bronzer to enhance your face

Many women feel gross than glowing during pregnancy. They may feel that they’re like ugly potatoes who appears to be bloated with a dull and tired face all day. To counteract this, you can try applying a lighter shade of blush on the apples of your cheeks and a darker shade along the lines of your cheekbones. This could fake your face to look slimmer than it actually is. And if you are not into blush, you may use a light touch of bronzer for a refreshing and glowing sun-kissed effect on your face.

Use Lip-gloss and right color lipstick

7. Use Lip-gloss and right color lipstick

Using a lip-gloss will complete your awesome fresh look. Choose a lip-gloss with natural lip moisturizers. If you are into bright colors, those nude color lipsticks are perfect for you. Using the right shade of lipstick and lip-gloss will surely impart confidence to you as wearing these has the power to make you feel good about yourself. Just make sure that the lip products you are using are lead-free.

Surely, you still want to look and feel attractive during your pregnancy but a lot of cautions should be observed when using beauty-enhancing products. It is really alarming how cosmetic products can have those potentially harmful chemicals that can be absorbed by your body and affect the unborn baby and your health as well.

For a safe and healthy beauty regimen during pregnancy, avoid potentially problematic ingredients in common beauty products like sulfates in shampoos, phthalates in perfumes, retinoid in anti-acne formulations, oxybenzone in sunscreens, products containing BHT and parabens as preservatives, etc. and be sure to check out safer alternatives offered by pregnancy-friendly beauty products. Also, a short visit and consultation with your doctor will do you and your baby so much good before using a certain product.



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