Good foods for the brain of children

To help improve mental health experts of the online medical journal iVillage (UK) has introduced a number of foods are considered best that you should supplement the daily diet for children.


Eggs does the protein food sources but also rich in choline, needed for the implementation of the function of brain cells. Most young children are eating taro under different forms processing, thus maintaining this regular menu.


Good foods for the brain of children
Salmon is very good food for people in general and small children in particular. Salmon oil is rich foods omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, these are nutrients help brain development, enhance information processing functions. Contact If you have children can eat a capacity (equivalent to a small bowl) a week or eat often as possible.


Oats  is a world ranked super nutritious food because it is not only rich in energy but rich in nutrients such as vitamins B, E, potassium, zinc … Help for brain development and work well. From breakfast to children should eat oats, gives the body more energy during the day, help children listen to lectures, being tired than eating other foods.


Vegetables, fruit dark color

This is a group of fiber-rich foods, vitamin E, A, C and minerals, helps brain development, is not the lack of food groups in each meal. Attention to group berries, dark color, rich in protein, but eye-catching children’s tastes.

Pure food

Pure food group or food full menu is good for the brain, because this is a fiber-rich food groups and energy. For example, choose bread food pure or pure grain brown rice  will be more beneficial for health.

Food granular

This food group is very diverse as peanuts, sesame, red beans … rich in fiber, antioxidants and vitamins, minerals. For example, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin melon-rich zinc helps brain development of children, help children sighted and do not forget questions of disease, confusion.


Calcium in milk is considered extremely important nutrients for children, food groups is indispensable. Calcium works to help strengthen bones, teeth, nails foot … Also milk is rich in food sources of protein, vitamin B needed for the development of brain cells. If children are not provided sufficient milk, can add yogurt, cheese in the diet daily.

Kid drink milk

Foods rich in iron

Like calcium, iron important for intellectual development, especially to help improve memory. In addition, iron also helps the body make hemoglobin in red blood cells bring oxygen to their duties throughout the body. If iron deficiency will lead to anemia, causing fatigue, impact directly to memory, and the education of children. Foods rich in iron are red meat, red beans, spinach, whole grains … Additional full of vitamin C helps the body absorb iron better, the source of this vitamin in many citrus fruits and tomatoes.


To help your baby healthy and balanced development of both physical and mental, apart from the nutrients, the food above, you need to complete additional water daily for young children. Water may be water, fruit juice or canned beverages, but should limit drinks containing high do gas natural sweet as it is not good for the body, easily addictive and causes obesity.