Good food for brain of baby 3-year-old

Approximately 3 years old,  baby’s brain equal 3 times the size when the baby was born. Therefore, they need diverse sources of food to improve the developing brain of her fast.

The following foods are regarded as “good brain” with baby  3 year old:


Salmon, tuna (fresh or canned), sardines and mackerel are rich in omega-3. But baby should not eat more than two fish meals per week. If baby does not like fish, fish cakes can be made with potatoes and bread crumbs. Cake will be baked in the oven or fry up.

Good food for brain of baby 3-year-old


Rich nutrient and many essential acids like omega-6, avocado effect brain development. You can puree the pulp of fruit with bread feeding, or avocado combined with other fruits like ripe bananas, a high-calorie snacks for children.Avocado is ideal snacks when they go outside. You can prepare a ripe avocado in a bag and easily puree feeding for baby.

Dutch beans  and toast

Toast can strengthen cognitive skills for children. Toast served with Dutch beans are rich in vitamin B, helps brain development.

Bread or raw grain wheat flour

Two types of the vitamin B12 and vitamin B6. From the age of 8 months (if not allergic baby), baby can try dishes containing raw wheat or wheat germ are rich because choline. Should only be feeding the baby will be small if not no stomach and no space for other food.


If your baby like war with another baby that yogurt will be useful to them. Yogurt contains important amino acids, helps children improve memory, always happy and vivacious. Eating yogurt will help her in the afternoon ready to play friendly afternoon.

Yogurt dip with fresh fruit to help children absorb more nutrients than just not eat yogurt. Yogurt mixed accordingly when ripe banana, strawberry, apple or raspberry fruits.


Several studies prove, strawberries enhances concentration, memory and ability to arrange for the baby. You  can put a bowl of strawberries before babies when they are watching cartoons or playing crossword with mom. They’ll eat them without you force.


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