Here are some exercise games help baby from 5 months to 10 months to develop a physical and senses


Games with the baby from 5 months

Game “raise one’s head”

Children lie face down on the bed, both hands against the elbows, hollow of one’s hand palms face down on the bed to balance the body. Standing in front of non-stop applause and name the baby. This game can be set to mobilize the young neck, neck, back, chest. Time not exceeding 1 to 2 minutes.

Games upturn

Put children lie supine on the bed, adults express a child’s arm to one side and gently turn your baby slowly coming back. Games your baby will help mobilize the body. Afterwards, children can practice with method to put toys next babies, they will upturn to get.

View toys

Hang a toy showy and can emit sound at an altitude of about 70cm above the bed of children, You are trying for baby to look up toys, children looked set to follow the movement of toys, help children develop vision.

Note: you should not hang toys fixed a place for a long time, your baby may be squint eyed.

Sit up

Put children lie supine, gently pull the arm for the baby sit up, and protect your baby: ” Sit up, my baby !” Then help her lie down reclining . You regular practice for children , children know sit early.

Practice crawl

Put children lie on one’s front the bed, put a toy in front and draw attention to the baby crawl to get toys. If children want to crawl but not enough, we can help her push hands.

Stand up

Put children lay on their back, slowly pull your hands to baby sit, and then help children squat, then stand up. Repeat the movement several times.


If the children bed is a bed with are around, they can just hang a ball suit children into bed and playing football. This game has set for baby exercise muscle, has created the basis for the child upright and walk.


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