Games such as “Emulation with time”, ” silent superman” ,” plus points – points deducted” and “Reaching for the stars ” will help your child be active, patient and helpful.

Games train character for children
Games train character for children

Emulation with time

The slowly baby should be encouraged to play this game. In games, baby assigned a task and the time limit to complete this task baby. For example: clearing toys, furniture cleaning, watering plants … If your baby engrossed in work, you can “pension” for the baby more years, six minutes. Baby will be rewarded if you complete the tasks assigned on time.

Silent Superman

If your baby is hyperactive, or against the, the game will train your baby’s patience. Kid will be act as a “superman” capable know all everything. But “super human” is not emitted noise. You delivered your baby and your baby have a task completed in silence. First time, if your baby stops noise from 5 to 10 minutes, you should enjoy your baby to encouraging. Slowly, time challenges will be raised depending on the age and active of the baby.

Plus points and minus points

Whenever the baby made a good job, give your baby a plus point and minus point when baby will be the mistake. For this should be close attention to make sure that your baby will be exact. Baby will be awarded if a total score of the day plus more points deducted. Note, you must be graded public, under the “witness” of the baby so he / she understands what you did wrong and do something good.

Reaching for the stars

This is a great game if you want to teach your baby new lessons. Depending on your baby’s preferences, you can cut paste stars, flowers or sun … Make up a list of the best she can do the self-cleaning rooms, going to bed on time, no scream … And every baby achieve, please paste your baby a star or flower. As the star reaches specified thresholds (eg, five stars for the baby years old), the baby will receive rewards.

Note: Absolutely not use money or expensive gifts to reward your baby because your baby will tend to “work well only when money. Bonus calculation should bring encouragement and education, for example, your baby will be a good meal, mother reads a story or, for home visits were grandparents or go park …


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