From family photos, paintings of animals … you can help your child improve vocabulary quickly, simple but effective

Games help your child learn words

Supplies needed

– Magnet (or magnetic tape).

– The paperback sized approximately 10cm2.

– Glue, scissors, pens.

– Photos of the family, the journal …


1. You cut the piece of magnetic tape and help her paste them into a sheet behind the cover.

2. Then, paste the photos on the sticky side of magnetic tape that covers the plate. If the child was large enough for children, you can participate in these preparations.

3. Choose where you play games, probably next to the fridge, a chair, or on the door. Retrieved tape, stick the photos up on the fridge … the height of the child.

4. Write the name of the image to a square piece of paper (stuck in behind the tape).

Children will improve vocabulary with the game simple, interesting that you do not take the
prepare more …

Some ways to train confidence for kid

How play

1. Encourage children to pair the piece of paper with names of picture to the picture appropriate. When your children become proficient with young pair same photos of the new words. (You can expand the scope of the picture magazine pictures to friends and family).

2. With the child gets older, you can create a square plate with magnetic stuck with simple objects such as dogs, dolls, trees, babies, dishes, home … Help your child write the names of the objects that the picture, turn the square piece on the refrigerator and then to help children select two picture. Pairing the two picture together.

For example, dogs – house, drive – dog … This game will be very interesting for me because there are two mothers from the pair will not be in the dictionary. Encourage creative activities of children by asking children to draw out the picture or a story with creative new words learning.

3. Find photos of family members including children when they tiny. You can only painting and conversation with children: “This is doctor Tim” … Then create a name and photos are attached magnetic tape. Pair and the photo with children from the new relationships in the family.



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