Game is an example…


Mother’s Facebook page has game Barn Buddy . I enjoyed going to school every day so the visit is mother’s farm and around friend list to clear of weeds, water the plants, fruit picking.

Barn Buddy- Game is an example...

One day, children see in the store left a watermelon – the day before died in his mother said, but not enough “level”. I asked mother that said impartially “steal picking “. I’m sad to reproach why do so, people will be very angry.

Mom said of course quickly picked theft is bad, but that’s life, also this is only game, that sometimes the other people steal picking in the garden for fun and mom’s not angry . That those who make the game for picking theft, evidence that they have created a glove.

I only resentment on the screen and says:

– Mom does not see, the brown gloves for picking her in her garden is a good thing, this time in black gloves in the garden for two people is bad. They were shown in black to remind mom that it’s evil that is forgotten.

Dad heard the mother talk, and recognize the reason for the mother is … deadlock. Three consecutive voiced support for his child and glance with mother, mother to be sad voice:

– Sorry my child, the mother was wrong then.

Mothers promise with child from the mother steal picking again even in the game.

The child smile and said:

– It’s like if the mother can apply, then people will offer a mother a fruit. A-game-for example-so-than-life-with the mother.

When child was sleeping, the mother whispered to dad that is reasonably mother who told the “game is an example” and not contrariness. And one again, parent learn from child.

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