Parenting is a very important aspect of our lives. Like most of you reading this post, it’s probably the most important thing I have lived. At 47 years of age, I am living my dream, dedicating all my time to the care of my 17 and 4 years old daughters. And to do this, all I had to do was quit my job!

Since I quit my job, my aim has been mostly, apart from enjoying every moment I have with them, to also help them become better students and performers, the best way I know how. In this post I share my essential insights and journey into how children learn in school and how to help them become good at their studies, as a parent, through my experiences because we all understand, college tuition isn’t cheaper anymore.

Fulltime Dad -parenting tips

My Motivation to retire at 47

The biggest motivation for my retirement at 47, like most of you, was obviously for a reason larger than me. I always wanted to leave the corporate world and venture fulltime as a father to my two daughters; nothing would give me greater joy. And over the course of time, I have come to really like and enjoy it because every day is a challenge and exciting because the energy these two have, is amazing. My four year old daughter is so full of creative energy and hives me lots of busy work than no other. On the other hand my eldest daughter has inspiring energy. That’s what motivates me as a father.

My fulltime fatherhood in the early days

In the initial days after I quit my job at 47, I was just too excited and didn’t plan. I would barely pass through the day without plunging myself fully into some form of work. And because my children are school going, I was left with pretty much less to do when they were away. But the question that begged to be answered all day was how I would help them become better students. Of course I had a horde of things I needed to impart into them. Education seemed the nearest goal. After a good amount of reading and experimenting on the subject with my daughters, this is what I realized about children.

I call my 4 year old girl, the explorer. She is so curios, amazed and full of energy, the world seems to take her breath away and I enjoy seeing that. It’s almost like she can’t have enough. To help her develop the reader and writer in her, I have come to realize some working techniques that have been amazing with her in this respect.

I started by getting her to associate with order. She is in kindergarten for god’s sake! As such, the little I teach her is just enough for her small mind to comprehend, in most cases. In general, our learning routine is centered on rhyming poems, singing games, telling and retelling stories (of course I make them sound original each time and she seems to not have enough of this), playing with sequences and scribbling. What most parents fail to realize that the little ones are growing too fast and they need to keep this pace up. Don’t slow her up, let her move to what interests her, because, sometimes, she just wants to chill.

Helping out my 17 year old with homework

Whatever they teach in schools these days is just too much for kids to comprehend. They are required to write essays and with the larger amounts of data they are exposed to with the internet available here and such; it can be chaotic and confusing for the young readers without mentorship. For my 17 year old daughter, I have come to appreciate that helping teenager’s learn good essay writing skills is the best morale booster you can ever add to their academic prowess as a parent. When I started off, I created a ten step process as a template to help her write great essays.

After she was done with these, I ensured she proofread all her work. Often, she reads her essays to me aloud. This helps her correct her mistakes and also helps me correct her whenever. This practice has not only improved our father-daughter bonding sessions vis-à-vis my early retirement, but it has also elevated her confidence and performance even in other subjects. Another thing I insist to her in her essays is originality and we regularly use plagiarism checkers to check for plagiary and I must say I am a happy man with the progress.

For those of you who are looking forward to become fathers or mothers fulltime after a long corporate career, I would like to encourage you to take the step. However, only do it for a fulfillment that’s higher than you and your children. I don’t regret retiring at 47 because I use this time to mold and shape the lives of those I love.


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