Food should not eat while breastfeeding


Most breastfeeding mothers can eat and drink everything they like. However, there are some foods will make children have manifested as abdominal pain, irritable or cry excessively.

Food should not eat while breastfeeding

Cause may be forgotten by the mother drinking milk or eat foods derived from milk with meals daily. There are some cases caffeine is the culprit. Hot and spicy food is one of the perpetrators making lovely baby uncomfortable.

Some foods can cause abdominal pain is green cauliflower, cabbage, onion.

There is no need to avoid foods that you abstain during the period of pregnancy, such as the type of soft cheese (do fear the risk of listeriosis infections, bacteria that cause collapse pregnancy, stillborn). Although Listeria can be found in breast milk but this is not the way Listeria transmitted from mother to child. And if your baby is sick this is definitely from the period of pregnancy and immediately after birth, only a few days to several weeks after birth the expression of disease (meningitis).

If you are allergic or allergic contact other foods is to avoid these foods absolutely the lactation period (as well as stage of pregnancy) because the body is very sensitive infants.

There is no evidence showing that other countries will take affect breast milk, but if you do not want alcohol “absorbed” into the milk then it is best not to drink. If they do not need to wait at least 2 hours for breastfeeding by this waste liquor was removed from blood vessels, no longer appear in breast milk again.

The type of gas should also be away during the breast-feeding because they do not have the energy and nutritional value. Should be replaced by the smile with.

Avoid foods that contain no fat, fried, baked … the meals extra. Should choose foods such as yogurt, bread includes many vegetables, fruit, porridge, boiled potatoes ….

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