Fever in babies within the first year of life

38-39 º C are the warning signs your baby has a fever, it made many mother worried and immediately taken baby to the hospital.
Fever in babies within the first year of life

Here are some tips to avoid panic when your baby has a fever in the first year of life:

What should you know about fevers

A baby is considered a fever when body temperature exceeds 38 º C. This natural phenomenon is normal without a fever serious consequences by allowing the body against infection and therefore, the slight fever does not need medicine.

However, if it exceeds 38.5 º C, fever can cause your baby was not well, leading to convulsions (muscle spasms). If fever occurs frequently in children, you should consult your doctor even if it is mild fever. Also, check symptoms such as diarrhea accompanied by fever, behavior changes, severe fatigue, rash, shortness of breath …

Time to discuss with your doctor

If your baby under 6 months, you should consult your doctor immediately if your baby has a fever. If the 6-month-old baby, fever is not too high then you can take care of your baby at home. However, if the fever lasts more than 2-3 days or your baby have a fit, you need to test baby soon.

How to reduce baby fever

– Remove the thick layer of clothing or blankets but not the kind of clothes or blankets to go.

– Offer water for baby more frequently.

– Keep the room temperature around 20-25 º C.

– Although antipyretic drugs are not suitable for babies under 3 months, some cases, doctors could prescribe medication reduce fever for baby. Do not use antipyretics for children without consulting your doctor.

What not to do

Many parents are advised to bathe your baby with a temperature lower than 2 ° C above the temperature of the baby, but experts do not recommend this because it did not help but make baby more uncomfortable.
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