Feature development of baby 3 years old

At 3 age, your baby continue the process of completing physical and intellectual. The development of each baby is different, however, your baby has some skills like running, such as jumping, climbing, baby may be up – down stairs without the help of parents.

In addition, the baby still has some features develop such as:

– Baby operated by three-wheel bicycle.

– Baby easy to hand wash and dry hands as required by parents.

– Baby used spoons and self-contact food.

– Baby can stand with the foot size toes.

– Baby able to open,close button of dress relatively accurate.

– Baby can focus on one job (or a fun activity) within 80-10 minutes.

Feature development of baby 3 years old

– Baby has about 20 teeth.

– Eyesight your baby can reach 10/10.

– Ministry of sleep about 11-13 hours per day, combined with a short siesta.

– Baby sitting skill proficiency sitting chamber-pot.

Baby’s language skills

Baby can be pronounced free and clear response that the questions from the parents. The development of language in every baby is different, however, the baby has some characteristics in common language as follows:

– Baby can be said about 500-900 words.

– A number from your baby may not have caused the opposite meaning or do not understand.

– Baby of links 2-3 sentence means.

– Baby remember melodies and lyrics of the anthem of the song short.

– Baby known to use the word “sorry”, “thank you” at the right time.

– Baby can reaction with baby’s name.

– Baby can recognize the basic colors.

What she can understand

– Baby is known of the size difference as short – long, to – small …

– Baby can to recognize past (yesterday).

– Baby understand long discussion.

– Baby distinguish the location of objects: rear – front; above – below …

– Baby use of pronouns exact (children, parents, she …)

– Baby constantly asked: “Why”.

– Baby can read full name.

– Baby appears to fear some things around the dark, evil under the bed roar, thunder lightning …

– Baby can draw a simple picture by your description.

Weight and average height of 3 years old baby

– Baby high between 90-100cm .

– Weight 14-16kg average.