Tonight you fever, the first time the son disease from mother to leave. I struggling to find ways to cool for me, trying to soothe baby, but my son was constantly on call Mom, Mom.

Father will learn how to be a mother
Every call mother of you that I will intense pain of heart, express a warm towel compresses up for you, love you that shed tears. Did mother left father and you too soon? You have just 4 years old, lodging house crowded day narrow suddenly very spacious because missing mother. You usually ask me

” Where is my mother ?”.
Father seeks to say:
” Mother went far, far away” .
” Has the mother visited me??
” Yeah baby, she always visits me, with me in every dream”
Oh, my little son, may feel all the losses, pain when no mother. Silly child refuses to eat gruel I cooked because taste different from mother done. Clothes I washed that not sweet smell. Dad just do not know the father, just as mother, but I have to learn.

Both father and you would lean on each other to live, to heaven, mother still watching  you and me, and smiled happily, not hurt, torment because I gave up too soon. The poignancy, so down, reach up one’s hand repeatedly  when mother ill and died make me almost caused the collapse. But dear son, before her death, mother has left earthly eyes. Mother believed that her death not in vain, thanks to her donor eyes, someone the world will see the light. When she said that decision to parents and was shocked . But I did not stop mother, because it is the last wish of the mother. Dad is learning how to stand up after this great loss, because mother is gone, bring love, both the father’s torment while not a good husband. From now on I have to others, then you have to others. Try to learn how strong, my son.

A few days after her mother died, father was too upset to smoke continuously, do not nap, but now I have to learn to love yourself, keep learning how to protect their health and protect you throughout the whole journey forthcoming. I will learn cooking, bathing the child, gently as mother. Both would go shopping together, buying clothes  and the father and no one else, sit sewing the buttons back to the fallen. Dad believes he will do, like tonight, Dad has helped me a fever and slept peacefully. You have emotional deprivation of the mother, the disadvantage that, certainly there will be rare deep into the minds of you, but Iwill be loved so much, always cover the part of mother, my son!


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