Father And Son

The father’s education course is different from your mother’s teaching. Dad always more strict, more disciplined. But with the boys, the games with his father always wonderful.

Father And Son

There are boys there not been sitting on my like father’s shoulder? Just a little boy grew up, known for keeping his head straight, so … ale interesting … 1,2,3 … he suddenly found himself flying high up, and sat on firmly dad’s shoulder.

Only father is enough clever to guide the boys ranked the highest tower, the most fancy models, tanks, ships and even bizarre interesting monsters  … Can not describe fun when  son climbed father’s shoulder jump the large sea surface, throwing the ball on the beach, water thrown together a powerful way. And then also  dad just dig sand  to big  bond  with his son which lead sea water. Until the next morning “mini beach” of my father is still on the sandy shores, where all the girl’s sand castles split since when.

This summer, dad taught  son new games, kite flying and football. Every afternoon  the son waiting goose statement very soon, carry out the suburbs. Only the father can skillfully control the kites to fly so high, and the undercurrent of competition along with kite of the father – son others. Only dad lead balls, each ball or shoot balls as the players really. And then how many games that have often dad mobilization son: “Come on you to jump onto this rock, let us go through the other channels, the son of the father!”. Son always has a hand that reaches father child support baby at any time staggered fear.

And how many other games with dad are very interesting. That’s when father and child discovered his tool cabinet with pliers, hammers, chisels, saws. Hammer a nail is very difficult, tightens screws bike is a no easy task. But with us, all of these things is a fun game. Dad can do it all. Mom used to say that. And just like boys would, can do it all.

Dad taught his son bit teeth not to cry when bleeding abrasions in the game. Father teaching his son to stand up when mam each miss tripping. Dad teaches son to solve all their problems, not sneak mother, grandmother when little things that happen. Do not be stupid be wheedling with dad because he will not be embarrassed, will not hurry to put candy and kissing. And if the son do something wrong, dad would severely punished, but always available to explain why such punishment.

Because of all this, son need father to know how much then I wish to become a real man, as a father!
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